Google + Local: Business Review and Ratings

Yes, Google+ Local has a lot of new features. And all of them are aimed at making work easier for business owners. Google + Local has incorporated all the products from Google giving you more ground on which you can market your business.

Searches conducted by users on any of the other Google products such as Google Maps and Google Search will also include Google+ Local pages.

Google products will also include Zagat scores. Zagat scores are now used to rate businesses on Google+ Local pages. These ratings have replaced the 5-star rating that were previously shown on Google Places pages and now give scores based on a maximum of 30 points.

This is the way Zagat scores works:
All scores in Google+ Local are determined by user reviews; these individual user ratings are based on a point scale from 0-3:
3 = Excellent
2 = Very Good
1 = Good
0 = Poor to Fair

These ratings are then averaged and multiplied by 10 to get an average score:
26-30 = Extraordinary to Perfect
21-25 = Very Good to Excellent
16-20 = Good to Very Good
10-15 = Fair to Good
0 – 9 = Poor to Fair

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Google+ Local listings platform that replaced Google Places. There are several reasons for this change.As a business owner, you8 must understand what the new Google Plus Local can offer you in relation to online business marketing.

According to Google, online marketing is not complete without social media networks, which is evident by the wild success of sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the last year launched Google+ social network.

There are many other social media sites, but most are aimed at satisfying the “user-user” relationship. Google went a step further by combining the power of internet business marketing and social media. The Google + Local comes up with an additional method that will benefit businesses in terms of local online visibility and brand marketing.

This new solution is Google+ Local, which contains dozens of features to help your business to turn vivitors into prospects as well as increase new sales from your existing customers.

With the new Google Plus Local, you can actively engage with your local audience right on your local business page by updating them about what is going on in your business, answering customer questions, providing useful content, uploading photos and more.

These added features will help you build a larger loyal local following that will remain strong as long as your service and products are in demand. Yes, there are now many more benefits for using Google+ Local pages for a your online marketing campaign.

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How To Setup Google Plus Local Business Page Video

How to switch from Google Places to Google + Local?

How to switch from Google Places to Google + Local?

The NEW Google+ Local pages address improves your Google business marketing. This is why Google + Local pages are gaining massive popularity after the change from Google Places was made. Google Places pages are not really gone; they just have been better integrated into the more social Google+ Local pages.

How to switch from Google Places to Google + Local? Watch this video:

Changing to Google + Local pages means that you will have important information posted on the page as well as a way to actively engage with your local audience; creating a following of loyal customers. The good thing is that these pages are purely designed to help make marketing and brand recognition a easier task for you.

With Google+ Local Pages, a visitor can now Plus1 (+1) your business, which has a great impact on the appearance of your pages on search engine results.

Here is how it works; when a user gives your pages +1, your business will appear on their friends’ search results when they make a search. This gives you an advantage as you will have more people viewing your business and possibly receive more traffic. In other words, your customers’ word of mouth will be digitalized. Undoubtedly, there is no better way to market your business than through customer-customer recommendation.

With the connection that Google+ Local has with other effective Google products, there is no doubt that this tool is here to stay. The Google+ community has grown explosively and is expected to grow even more with time.

Now that Google has changed your Google Places page to a Google+ Local page, you might be wondering what you should do next. Though the change was automatic, you should still make sure that everything is correct on your page.

Google+ Local pages are less static and more dynamic, which means that they need more attention as compared to Google Places. You need to update information consistently to keep your audience interested. In simple words, you are now looking at the new business social media network with different features to make business marketing easier.

Google Places pages were static only displayed information such as name, address, and location. The dynamic Google+ Local pages now have a lot more to offer. Everything is now new and improved with the design revolving around different ways of marketing businesses and giving business owners a chance to interact with their prospects, customers and other businesses.

With the new Google + Local comes more responsibility.

You will have to give Google+ Local pages more attention as there is a lot to be done unlike the little you had to do when using Google Places. From updating the info on your pages to optimizing your content, you will need more time to ensure that your pages are visible and presentable to your customers.

In a nutshell, you will get much more with Google+ Local pages than what Google places gave you.

Google+ Local Pages for Businesses

The NEW Google+ Local Pages for Businesses

Your business will benefit from Google+ Local pages in more ways than you can imagine. First, there is the ability to communicate with your customers, which was not possible with Google Places. You have a chance to post multiple images to let people what your business is all about and attract attention.

Google has extended the platform on which business market their business by connecting all their products with Google+ Local pages. This means that all searches conducted by users via Google Search and Google Maps will also have Google+ Local pages results.

With the right optimization practices, Google+ Local pages will benefit your business since it will be indexed by Search engines. Therefore, make sure you use important keywords in your content to impress search engines. The fact that there are millions of people using Google products makes Google+ Local the perfect marketing vehicle to generate new local business.

Some people considered Google Places to be the perfect way to let local consumers know about businesses in the area. Well, that was until Google+ Local was introduced.

The more engaging Google+ Local pages are more dynamic and less static than Google Places pages.


How does Google+ Local Pages change impact your business?

There are a number of benefits for you with the main one being that you will now have the ability to effectively communicate with your customers and let them know what you have to offer. You can now popularize your brand using images to gain more attention.

Google+ Local pages have an approach that is more social and functional as opposed to the static nature of the conventional Google Places pages.

Now, your business can have a total identity right in front of those consumers who are searching for what they have to offer. You consistently give your customers important information about your business, as well as the static details that they desire such as location and contact information.

In order for your Google+ Local page to get the most attention, your focus should be on optimizing your listing for better rankings. This will work to your advantage as the changes done by Google also involve the fact that Google+ Local pages will now be indexed, which means that they will play a major role in your level of online visibility.