Businesses need to be on Google+: Google Business Pages Launched

Recognizing that businesses needed more than they were getting, Google+ has reached out and created a multi-tiered network that speaks to the needs of every business no matter how big or how small.

With the roll out of the Google+ platform for business owners, Google has taken the next step in completely revolutionizing the interaction of consumers with business owners.

Having designed the Google+ network with not just the average consumer or just the business owner in mind, but the combination of both, Google has bridged the gap between accessibility and usability.

Making available the wide range of products and services developed over many years of research has cemented the Google+ network as one of the front runners in the innovation and future development of internet business potential. The relative application potential of Google+s service is undeniable.

With the astounding number of visitors that use the basic search engine each and every day, the ability for Google to expand into a real power house loom large. It is in the best interest of every online business presence out there to recognize the value to be had from developing a Google+ profile now.

With all the buzz being created around the newest offerings, the ability for a company to rise above the pack, to reach out and connect with a large number of willing consumers is a true achievement that will echo for many years.

From their consideration of the smallest facet of the network, to their further and continuing commitment to future development, the Google team has taken the art of Social Networking and turned it into a very viable tool for any business or corporation to make use of now and well into the next decade.

It only remains for the savvy owner to reach out and make use of these amazing tools. And we can help you with this!

Now Google + Pages have been launched

Why Google+?

  • 47 Million Users in a few months
  • The fastest growing social network in the world
  • Google+ is here to stay
  • Now Google + Pages have been launched
  • Which means your business can now have a powerful Google+ Presence
  • Build your brand, increase your SEO, connect your website
  • Google+ Pages are THE next big thing for social media marketing
  • Let us help you get in at the ground floor

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    The world that we live in is vastly changing in what seems to be an instant. Technology over the past decade, and especially over the past couple of years, has exploded in the world of social networking, allowing us to feel connected to others across town, or across the world. Just by opening your laptop, you are able to have access to millions of people worldwide in an instant. What an amazingly connected world we are broaching on. Not only are you able to communicate with those you know, but you are able to communicate your likes and dislikes to find commonality with people you don’t know and will probably never meet personally. Finding commonality with those around you, makes us all feel less alone, more a part of something global. +1 by Google, allows you to put your personal stamp of approval on every topic you choose. Your voice matters so make sure to put it out there.

    Google +1 is a way to add your opinion to anything on the web. It is a way to publicly say either that you approve or disapprove with all the media that is available. Being linked into your friends, contacts, and just about anyone that is surfing the web, you are able to make suggestions about everything from products, to movies, to opinion pieces, and find consensus, or lack thereof, with those around you.

    Google +1 is a great tool to also get a feel for trends and opinions if you are running a business or service. It gives you the general overview of what people like and don’t like. In some ways it is like running a focus group, without the hassle of finding participants or actually paying for the practice. When people supply their opinion, it is close to having an opinion poll at the touch of your fingers without ever having to put one together. It is an ideal way to grow your business and tweak your service by better understanding the likes or dislikes of those who are frequenting it.

    Google +1 is also a great way to get opinions about things that you are considering doing or services you are considering of utilizing. There is no need to go through the hoops of references, all you need to do is see what the general opinion of a service or group is, by looking at the overall ratings, to get a good feel for the usefulness or quality of whatever it is you are considering. Hate when you spend your money on going to see a movie only to find that it was awful despite what the critics say? +1 will give you a better overall view of what like-minded individuals like yourself thought of the movie, not some removed paid artsy “specialist” who you find yourself barely agreeing with anyway.

    Google +1 is a free service that is easy and convenient to sign up for and utilize. Your voice is important and valid, so make sure that it is heard, around the world.

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    Do You Need A Google Plus Invite?

    Do You Need You Google+ Invite?

    You might remember that an invite was required to get a Google Gmail account. And that got Gmail started.

    Google Plus needs also an invite. Google Plus launched June 28 but it seems people aren’t exactly rushing to get Google Plus invites. Google’s last big invite-only rollout of a social initiative – Google Wave – wasn’t either.

    Confused with Google Plus and Google +1 ?

    Google +1 had been around for a while. Google +1 is the social voting system. Google +1 Works similar as the Facebook Like button, it is an upvote for sites that you “like”. We have had the Google+1 button on several of our sites for quite a while. Not a big rush either, far behind the facebook “likes”.

    Google Plus or Google+ is the (new) social network. Right now you must have an invite (Get Invite) to join.


    Google+ Works very similar to Facebook. Maybe therefor there is no big rush.

    At its core level, Google+ is not that much different from Facebook. Yet, there is so much more. How do you get started with Google Plus? You need an INVITE.

    Google+ has also a “Stream” which is basically the same as your Facebook news feed. You can share links, photos, status updates, locations, etc., just like Facebook or Twitter.

    But Circles give you the option of dividing up those who you follow into different groups. A feature not really available in Facebook. You can create as many circles as you want and
    add people to as many circles as you want.

    Sparks, Hurdle and Hangouts are other features important to business owners. We will report on those soon in detail. And yes, you will need to download the Google Voice program on your computer.

    Conclusion, not a big “Gold” rushe yet. But some option are great for business.

    Being part of Google+ and Google +1 might have significient SEO implications. We are watching closely.

    There are over over 10 million users already. Rumours are that Google employee bonuses ride on success/failure og Google+.

    Maybe time to get started? Need to


    ? Just mail us at with Invite in the subject line.

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