Why YOU need Google My Business Quick Start Guide

If you have been struggling to build a local presence on Google, you may be happy to learn that the Google My Business platform makes things a whole lot simpler.
This is Google’s latest tool to help local businesses connect with more consumers. It merges Google Maps, Search and Google+ into a single platform; which can help you easily manage your business information across all of them. Download our free guide available in the right sidebar.

In fact, you can update your business information, check to see what your customers are saying, engage with your Google+ audience, and much more. Google My Business will make managing your online presence much more convenient with dashboard features connected to AdWords, Analytics, Reviews, Google+ and more.

If you have been using Google Places or Google+ Local, then your account should have automatically merged into a Google My Business account. The first time you log in, you will be directed to the My Business account and prompted to update your information.

You’ll find the new interface a lot more intuitive and easy to use, and you will no longer have to switch between platforms.

If you haven’t used any of the older models, then go to the Google My Business page and click on the “Get on Google” button. Here, you will be prompted to build a profile page and to add your business name, address, phone number and other details such as business hours.

If you would like help setting up or updating your Google My Business profile, contact us

Ways Google Plus can help to grow YOUR Business

Although Google Plus (also known as Google+) is a social media site in which users can play games, chat, share photos, listen to music together, and more, it has become much more important in the eyes of business owners.

Google+ is now one of the leading ways in which businesses can connect and engage with customers, promote services, hold business meetings, and market to a wider audience.

As Google+ continues to unfold more and more features for its business users, such as local listings and verified content, now is the time for companies and/or brands to take advantage of all that it has to offer.

Never before has a social networking site been able to cater and provide so much to local business owners at no expense at all the way Google+ does.

Here’s why:

1. 100 Million Users and Growing: Google+ is relatively new to social networking, establishing itself only in 2011, whereas sites such as Facebook and Twitter had already been around for several years.

However, unlike other social networking sites, Google+ gained over 25 million users within a month of its launch, making it the fastest growing social networking site in the history of time.

Currently, there are a little over 100 million users on Google+, and this number is expected to grow. Combined with business-friendly features, Google+ makes it relatively simple for local companies to reach out to masses of people who they otherwise may not have been able to reach.

2. Communities: Google+ Communities give you the perfect opportunity to personally engage with like-minded businesses and individuals. You can create your own community for your business and invite your followers, and you can also join other communities which will give your business added exposure.

You’ll be able to post videos, photos, and documents, as well as send out as many community invitations as you choose.

3. Local Listings: Once you join Google+, you’ll have the opportunity to list your business in Google Places for Business. You’ll also be able to provide pertinent details regarding your business, such as services offered, hours of operation, and directions.

Additionally, people are able to leave reviews of your company for others to see. A simple verification process ensures that your business is legitimately yours, thus providing more credibility to your customers and potential customers.

4. Customer Service/Interaction: One of the most beneficial ways in which Google+ allows your local business to grow is the ease of customer service and interaction. You can easily reply to customer requests and concerns via your circles, your communities, and more.

Keep in mind that along with responding to questions, it’s always a good idea to actively engage in comments, including showing interest in your followers, on a regular basis. The more often you engage with your audience, the better chances of gaining new customers and retaining current ones.

5. Google Hangouts: Hangouts differ from communities in that you’ll have the option to host a live video session with whoever you invite to “hang out.” Hangouts help businesses grow by providing an alternate means to hold employee meetings, presentations, workshops, share pertinent documents, and more. You’ll also be provided the opportunity to save your Hangouts for reference by saving each one to YouTube.

6. 360° Tours with Google+ Business Photos: With Google+ Business Photos, people can view photos of your business via a 360° interactive tour. This provides you the perfect opportunity to allow potential customers a detailed glimpse inside your company.

Viewers can virtually explore, walk around, and interact with your business while sitting comfortably at home or on their smartphones. In addition to appearing on Google+, these photos appear in Google search, Google+ Local, and Google Maps.

You can also embed images on other social media sites as well as your business website.

7. Google Circles: With Google Circles, you can easily add your followers into different groups, known as circles, which allows you to targets specific people for your business.

For example, you may want to announce a business event, which wouldn’t be relevant to your customers, but is important for your employees to know about.

Likewise, you can target your customers and potential customers only, should you decide to run a special or announce an upcoming contest. This way, your followers aren’t bogged down with irrelevant information which will keep them from “muting” your future posts.

8. Google Ripples: A relatively new Google+ feature, but one that’s caught on quickly is Ripples. Google+ Ripples is an interactive tool that allows you to see how a certain post has “rippled” by providing data on your shared posts.

For example, Google+ Ripples shows you who shared your post, how it was shared, and the statistics for each shared post, such as how many shares, demographics, and more. This in turn provides you with information on who finds your posts interesting and relevant, which may equal new business for you.

9. Verify Ownership of Your Content: Once you link your company website, blog, or any other site you own to your Google+ profile, you’ll automatically be verified as the authentic owner of the content you provide.

This helps prevent acts of plagiarism and copywriting. This also helps your business by letting people know that you are the true owner of your content, thus boosting your company’s credibility.

Additionally, your Google+ photo will appear next to each of your content pieces in Google search results, which will help to boost you and your company’s visibility.

10. Google Maps: This option mainly applies to business owners who are located in a rural area and/or small town, as Google Business Photos are only available in large cities.

However, Google Maps, when combined with Google+, can provide you with a competitive alternative. When people click on the map icon located in the lower-right hand corner of the map view on your page, they’ll be taken to a local map, which provides a 360° exterior view of rural, small, and outlying towns.

Google was the center of attention of the internet for many years and it has gone by unchallenged until the rise of Facebook started. Although the influence of Facebook and its role on the internet has grown significantly in recent years, Google isn’t something that can be replaced. In fact, Google’s role as a search engine still remains to be the untouchable. However the threat that Facebook poses to Google is there and Google recognizes this. This is why Google has decided to fight back with Google+.

Google+ is a made to compete with Facebook and it is slowly gaining its popularity. Although its growth isn’t as strong as the growth that we’ve seen repeatedly on Facebook, Google+ is slowly but surely increasing its influence on the social media world. Most importantly what this all means is that Google+ in itself can be a good traffic source for your business. Hence in order to understand the relationship between Google+ and small business we must look into the benefits of why any serious online entrepreneurs should take up a certain amount of interests on Google+.

Get good integration with other Google services.

The first advantage that you will get from Google+ if you compare it to Facebook is that you will get a good integration with other Google Services with your Google+ account. This means you can link all your accounts together and use a lot of the features that Google has provided in all their services. This could prove to be very beneficial to you and your business in the long run especially if you use a lot of Google’s services such as Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Google Trends, and Google’s External keyword tool, Google Adsense or even SEO.

What this ultimately means to you is that you can get all the great tools as an internet marketer and most of this service can be integrated with each other as the compatibility of the services are very high. More importantly, future updates of the Google’s services could mean a lot to your business.

Using Google+ may help your site rankings.

If you are using Google+ to promote or back link to your sites that you wish to rank high, it could actually help your site rankings. While there is no official proof of this bias, we all know just how much ‘Blogger’ (owned by Google) gets a lot of high ranking blogs on the search engine rankings and it will only make sense that Google should rank their own Google+ pages higher than its competitors.

Therefore if you are into SEO of if you are trying to rank any of your site high on the search engines especially Google, you should give Google+ an honest try. Who knows that this could be a move that you’ll never forget.

Everyone can see your Google+ profile (including non-members)

On Facebook, one of weakness in the eye of a marketer is that not everyone is able to see your profile online due to privacy reasons. Google+ has taken a different approach. Google+ is actually helping marketers in the sense of allowing the general public to see all the profiles even if you are not a member of Google+. As a marketer this is a wonderful research tool although we can’t say the same about privacy issues.

However, most Google+ users are notified about this transparency and they have a choice to see if they wish to create an account or not. Hence, this means, you can do your market research all day long with the profiles within Google+ and it will be completely legal.

Make sure that your target market is there in Google+.

Using Google+ would mean that you will have to take extreme care in your marketing moves. One of the reasons is that because Google+ is a lot newer than Facebook, the amount of traffic is definitely much lower than Facebook. Hence you will need to find out if your target market exists within Google+ or not. The good news is, this can be easily remedied with some clever market research within Google+.

And if your target market exists within the Google+ social network, then you are in luck. You can quickly use multiple ways (free or paid) to actually reach these potential customers. Marketing to the people within Google+ will be quite similar to the audience within Facebook. One will need a tactic to reach your target market, take them away from the distractions of the social network and market to them separately outside of Google+. The best way to do this is to use the traffic from Google+ and then build a list from that traffic.

Once your list is built, you will essentially have a list that is targeted and that is when your marketing strategies will come handy. Learn to build a good relationship within the list and you will reap the benefits of having a list. Essentially, as a marketer you will be using the Google+ social network as a way to engage your target market, listen to what they have to say, nurture your brand awareness within the network and finally market to the traffic the smart way.


Simple Steps To Use Google+ For YOUR Business

Google+ is not just a new tool that is creating a buzz, it is a “must” for YOUR business. Your business needs to take advantage of Google+ and related tools. You can use Google+ as an additional source of traffic to monetize for more customers. The opportunity for Google+ is right now. The site continue showing tremendous potential and this means you should understand that getting in on trends is important for your business.

Using Google+ is very similar to increasing your business with Facebook and Twitter but at the same time there is also going to be a difference. While Google+ is considered just another Social network site by many, it may differ because of the innovations that Google+ is making alang with related tools.

How you can use Google+ for the benefits of your business. Start with signing up.

Sign up to Google+
It used to be a headache to get in Google+ because initially when Google+ was just launched, you have to get an invite to get in. Google wanted it to be an exclusive club so they were controlling the people who got in. However, Google has now decided to open it up to the public and businesses. All you need to do is go to their website and sign up.

Choosing a Name.
A great way to choose a name is to choose a first and last name that is also closely related to your business. For example, if you are in the clothing business, you can choose a catchy name that people would be interested in such as Clothing Tips or New Clothing Trends to help you get the attention that you want. If you wish to use your own name (branding yourself), that is a good move as well.

A Picture tells a thousand words, certainly in the current digital world. A picture is what you need to help people to connect and to give a good first impression. Choose a relevant picture that can impact viewers emotionally. Be sure not to place a picture of your product because this might turn people off. As with most social marketing strategies, you should not be trying to hard sell your product up front. Instead, you should be trying to get connected to your target and/or demographic market and get them to trust you first before trying to monetize the traffic and business income. Get you image editor to work or use a professional to get better attention grabbing images.

Search for Google+ profiles related to your niche.
This is where you start getting followers. Getting followers on social networks is like building an email list. Although followers are not as valuable as a list, you can turn your followers into your subscribers later. From there monetizing your list should be easy.

In Google+ you have to follow and wait to be followed. It is a lot like twitter so be sure to follow people who might have a keen interest in what you have to offer. This is where you start your targeting so make sure to do your homework and understand who your target market is. Expert claims that the typical rate of people following you back is around 20% give and take so if you want 100 followers you should expect to follow around 500 people before you can see results. That might seem like a lot at first but do not worry because it will get easier from here because the more people you have been following you, your post will start to help you get the attention from your follower’s follower and things could go viral. Again, the better your pictures and content are, the sooner it goes viral.

Status Updates.
When your followers are coming in steadily, you can now consider placing a link on your status update. Let it be a free gift to those who follows you and that’s when you will start building your list. It is always a good idea to load your autoresponders with a set of newsletters to help communicate and build a relationship with your list. Statistics have it that a typical visitor will only purchase after getting exposed to what you have to offer for 7 times.

Therefore, if you already have a brand awareness going on than your autoresponder messages will help you get more people to buy from you with ease. Always tweak your autoresponder messages accordingly and pay your attention to the questions that might arise. From the questions that you get you might want to create an F.A.Q list and place it somewhere near the end of your set of your newsletter.

Rinse and Repeat.
You need first to focus on one product and get the followers going and let it grow. At the first sign of the campaign going on auto pilot with just constant posting, you can consider adding business pages for more target audiances. The key here is automation. If you are too busy to get followers or to post constant information regarding your niche, consider outsourcing the work. The great thing about outsourcing these days online is that it is very readily available and it cost relative little. Be sure to choose the right business to get the job done.

Simple Steps To Get YOUR Business Googled

Did you know that 85 % of individuals are searching for regional businesses online? The sad thing is, only 25 % of small companies in fact appear on those searches and you could be among them.

Clearly, getting your business to the top of Google is not a cool method, however an essential advertising tool, because if your clients can’t discover you, they’ll certainly find someone else.

First, let’s look at exactly how Google determines to place neighborhood companies in the search results page.

Google Local Business Listings are various than natural or pay-per-click listings. When you search Google for a service oriented company followed by the city name (e.g. Accountants in Miami) a big map from Google Maps appears along with up to ten company listings.

As you can picture, appearing in these search results page is the golden gates to everyday free of cost leads from the internet and could truly change your business

So the huge question is, exactly how do you get detailed here?
To begin producing your free of cost local company listing, go to the Google Places and sign in with your Google account. If you don’t currently have a Google account, click Subscribe now to create a brand-new Google account.

Once you’ve validated your listing, you could boost the Spot Page for your business by including pictures, videos, discount coupons, as well as real-time updates like regular specials all on your Place Page. Verifying your listing gives you the chance to share more info about your company with Google.

But alas, there’s some competitors out there! Right here’s exactly how you could raise the exposure and position of your neighborhood company listings, with a few straightforward steps.

Before I share these actions, comprehend that Google loves material and neighborhood company listings with the most helpful content will gain the fight for leading area. With that in mind, here’s how to increase your rankings with better material, plus a couple of various other techniques.

Include Photos
The even more photos of your store, your staff, your products the better. Include a company logo too.

Get Multiple Reviews
Not just could local testimonials help create even more leads and more sales, but Google sees local evaluations as a huge count on and quality sign. Google wants to bring the very best lead to their individuals, meanings showing them the best businesses in the location.

Use Keywords in Company Description
When explaining your business and your services or products, you ought to additionally aim to make use of targeted keywords in the description. For instance, if you sell pink athletic shoe, then utilize that phrase in the description.

Add a Coupon
Google permits printable coupons to be added by your listing and according to research, the business who consist of a discount coupon improve rankings than those that don’t, with all other parts being equal.

Develop links to the listing
Link to your Google places noting from your website pages. This will not just motivate your website site visitors to leave a review on the Google listing, but also helps to improve your listing organically.

Include Videos
Google now possesses YouTube, so it’s no surprise that they prefer videos on your sites, particularly if they are YouTube videos. You could put YouTube videos on your regional business listing too, which scores an additional brownie point from Google.

Add Your Address to Every Page on your internet site
Preferably every page needs to have your address and telephone number. Not just does this you’re your website visitors, but it also reveals Google you’re legitimate and develops a larger number of links back to your Google listing, which once again, helps boost the positions of your regional listing.
If your company has numerous places then you may wish to develop a different page for each area or at least a single page that lists all areas.

Claim Your Profile on Other Local Business Directories.
There’s Merchant Circle, Google Local Business Center, Yahoo Local. These directory site style websites permit you to update your business info totally free and can be a good source of leads by themselves. Nonetheless, the more directory listings you have outside of Google, the more validity you have within Google’s eyes and as a result a more strong listing with them.

Get Links
The even more links you have involving your regional business listing, the much better. Google sees inbound links– that is, links that are indicating your listing from various other websites– as a sign of quality and count on. Google sees these inbound links as little “votes of depend on” and the more you have, the more trustworthy and quality guaranteed you are seen, for this reason a higher regional listing. Remember, Google wants to provide the best results, so they utilize these measures to determine that.

To obtain inbound links, you might think about uploading your link to your Google company listing in places such as:.

  • Chambers of commerce/local business groups.
  • Local company directories/Local paper website.
  • Friends who have websites (including your children’s blog).
  • Partners/Vendors.

There are hundreds of various other means to obtain links like writing articles for other sites, sending press releases, including your business information to social networks websites, making a fool of yourself in public, etc.