Pay-Per-Click Myths You Should Know.

Making money online using PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads is one of the easiest methods available to get targeted traffic. The only downside to PPC marketing is that you do need a starting capital and if do not know what you are doing or if you are promoting a non-converting offer, you will lose money. Therefore, it is always best to try out PPC with a budget in mind and seek out a good converting offer first. Some PPC marketer us PPC to actually test an offer for conversions first before deciding to promote fully because the traffic that comes from PPC is almost instant.

For those of you how are in the PPC game, you will find the below myths very interesting. If you are a total beginner in PPC you will definitely find it intriguing and helpful in avoiding a lot of mistakes that you might have to come to face should you try out PPC.

Position #1 is the best position that makes the most money.
This is not necessary true. There are times when you are at this position; you will make money (assuming that your offer converts). However, more often than not, you could be paying a lot more than other positions, and this might hamper your profits. Besides that, being in this position often means that you will attract a lot of less targeted clicks where some of these people who clicks are not in the buying mode yet, and they are just still trying to gather more data to help them with their buying decision.

Only let your best-performing ad run.
This happens to a lot of us where we will run a few ads and then turn off the rest and only let the best-performing ad run thinking that this will maximize your earnings. The proper ways of doing things is that you should always try to allow at least two ads to run at the same time.

You let your best performing ad run, and then duplicate the ad and tweak it a little to test if you could further improve the ad. By constantly improving your ads, you will undoubtedly optimize your ad for the best click through rate and also the best profits as well. Remember there is no such thing as the best ad or a proven ad. There will always be a better ad that you have not tried. All you have to do is to keep trying to find the best one for your offer.

Use as many keywords as possible for more traffic.
Spamming for more keywords because you are hungry for more traffic is what the PPC platform owners want you to do. They will earn a lot of money by sending you the clicks, but the problem is that you will also lose a lot of money in return. Many people lost faith in PPC early on in the game because they thought they had to try out every single keyword they can think of, but they will soon realize that their pockets run empty fast when they do that.

When you dump all the keywords into your campaign, you will get a lot of traffic. However, most of this traffic is not the quality traffic that you should be aiming for and a lot of this traffic will never buy anyway, which means, you are actually wasting a lot of your budget. Proper keyword research should be done to help you determine which keyword you should be using and delete the rest. Keywords that convert will always convert. Keywords that do not convert will make you lose money. And the thing about keywords is that the majority of the keywords will not work for you anyway.

PPC is a set and forget thing.
This is a very dangerous thing to do for your PPC business. Never leave a PPC campaign run wild without any close monitoring. Even if you do have a campaign that is profitable today does not mean it will be profitable tomorrow. You will need to track your ads properly, and you must be sure to monitor your campaigns constantly if you want to profit. Should you see any reduction in the conversions, which should set you on alert and be sure to turn the campaign off if things turn sour.

Content network is good.
This is not necessarily true. The content network can bring you a lot of traffic, but you should know that this is always a sure fire way to burn through your budget. When it comes to PPC, spending your budget wisely is as important as making the profits. You have to be constantly trying to seek out for a winning campaign and you do not want to be burnt out before you actually start to profit. If you have to use the content network, you should do your research properly first and make sure that your offer will be getting a lot of qualified and target traffic to it before you commit to a content network campaign.

Copying your competitor’s ad.
While this is a practice that some gurus teach, you should know that if you copied a good ad, you should always try to make it a better one, and that it actually stands out more than the originator of your ad. A better way to do this is to actually test out the ad to see how the initial statistics are on the ad which you copy, and then you try to improve it.
There are times when the ad which you copy is not performing well, therefore, the best thing you can do is to try it out first. If you are not into copying other people’s ad (which is a good thing), get creative and start your own ad that you think can beat your competitor’s ad. Make sure that it stands out more than your competitors and try to be different. You should be able to get more clicks that way as well.

PPC marketing can be very profitable if done right. However, the learning curve is huge, and you risk losing some money at first. However, if you can look past these small problems and push on, PPC will become your favorite source of traffic because it is so easy to work with once you know how.

How to encourage clicks on your website for YOUR Business.

The power of a click in the internet world is not to be looked down on. Each click is equivalent to a potential customer who walks into your shop or asks for more information in the real world. Hence a click is something that most internet marketer would like, and the good news is using some of the proven tactics that marketers use; you can actually entice clicks from you visitors.
If you are able to train your visitors and return visitors to click on your website be it on pictures, diagrams or links, then your overall clicks on your website will increase making it much easier for you to get your clients to click on your buy link later on. Below are some of the few ways marketers are using to encourage clicks on their websites these days.

One of the best ways to encourage clicks on your site is to make your site interactive. That means that we won’t get more information that they want to see unless they click. Hence webmasters like to use picture slide shows on their website. These slideshows contain a lot of interesting pictures where you need to click the next button in order to get to the next picture.
Another great way to encourage click via interaction is to use a mini game. When a visitor is engaged in a mini game, they will not hold back on their clicks. This takes away the pressure on them where the initial pressure lies in if they are clicking on an ad or not.

Well formatted links and pages.
A well formatted page with organized links will help you get more clicks. The reason is the user maneuverability on the site is easy to understand. Hence navigation on the site will also come natural. People will not be stuck not knowing what to do. They will be able to find what they are looking for easily by clicking on the right links and search for more information if your site is properly organized.

Imagine a site full of text and all the links are messily placed. Any visitor will find it hard to find the information that they are looking for. And if your site has too many links it can become very distracting and often times people might end up getting frustrated and leave the site.

Keep your site simple, clean, neat and easy to navigate. People will stay longer because they are not always confused.
Want a rule of thumb? Never try to confuse your visitors, and they will reward you with return visits and recommendation to people they know. Keep your site fun and neat and you will get a lot of happy visitors and most importantly of them all is that you might even get more sales because they start to click more on your links and thus indicating a higher trust level toward you and your website as well.

Using arrows in your website is a great way to direct the attention on your site visitors. Hence webmasters have found it a quite effective method to pair links and arrows together so that visitors will always notice the link when they are on the website. The last thing you want your links to be is for it to be hidden.

Therefore, the use of arrows pointing towards a link which you want clicks on will almost always increase your click through rate for that particular link.

Good content (related posts)
Providing good contents or value to your visitors is the traditional way to get more clicks, visitors, return visitors and longer stay on your website and until today this still remain as the best way to achieve the results you want.

This is because people rarely lands on your website out of the blue. They are on your website for a purpose, and if you bring them on a wild goose chase then frustration inevitably awaits, and you will lose a customer forever. As an internet marketer that is a big ‘no no’. Your primary goal is to make profits, and the best way to do that is to give your visitors what they are looking for and then try to sell them if they want the ‘full solution’ or the premium answer to their problems.

The good thing with good quality content is that you are able to build trust when people read it. If your website is an educative site or a blog, then always be sure to include a ‘related post’ section right underneath your articles. This way, people will keep clicking for more and reads more and more of your web posts or pages.

Interlinking is a great way to get your visitors to click on our site links. Usually you will link words or interests in your articles to other posts on your website. This actually is beneficial in the sense of SEO and also helps clear some ‘confusion’ or ‘curiosity’ of your reader that might arise when reading your articles.

A good example is that when you are talking about the best ways to cook, and you mentioned a recipe on an article, you would then link the word ‘recipe’ to the actual recipe post that you have on your website. This way, the people who have been reading your article about cooking and got curious about the recipe that you just mentioned can easily click on the word recipe and actually arrive on the recipe.

Popular posts.
Always include a side panel on your website that says ‘Popular Posts’. This way when people land on your website and like what they are reading, they could instantly go to the other ‘popular posts’ on your website that might interest them. When a visitor is hungry for information, it is your job to feed them and by making it easy for them to locate your popular post, you will be sure to notice that you are actually encouraging them to click on your links.

The more they click on your links, the better. This is because when they are used to clicking links on your website and when you insert some affiliate links among the links, they will click on the without any hesitation and if the offer is good you get paid!

Google+ Circles: How You Can Grow Your Business

The purpose of joining social media sites, such as Google+, is to grow your business network, gain business exposure, and get more customers for your business.

Google+ circles is a great tool for creating brand awareness and building a customer audience for your online business presence. Yes, “Circles” are similar to “Likes” on Facebook Pages, “Friends” on your Facebook and “Followers” on Twitter. Circles are used to build a network of people who are interested in your business, products, or services.

Many business people find that Google+ circles are more “user-friendly” than other platforms like Facebook. It is easier, its “drag and drop” feature makes it quick and simple to add people into one or more of your defined circles.

Additional, you can create many different circles in Google+ and add customers to each relevant circle. Of course, as a business owner, you should create separate circles for your business prospects, business clients and or employees. Create circles for any other segment that relates to your personal needs, such as family. Circles makes This makes sharing information a lot easier as it can be tailored only to those groups who have an interest in what you like to share.

Create specific marketing campaigns to target specific business circles. Offer different types of products and services, for each defined product circle and target these specific subjects.

Social media is used more and more for “promoting” your business. It allows you to “build relationships” with your target online audience, which will in turn create more loyal customers over time by sharing with their friends.
If you share helpful and interesting information with the audiance in your circles, such as tips, videos, or photos, you can quickly build trust and authority status and likely expand your audiance.

With good, valuable content, it won’t take long to get more people to join “your” circles because the people in your circles will recommend it to “their” friends, family, and other business associates. Although it takes time to manage and grow your Google+ circles, is not hard to do for most businesses.

Due to the explosive growth of Google+, businesses can no longer ignore this social media tool.

Businesses need to be on Google+: Google Business Pages Launched

Recognizing that businesses needed more than they were getting, Google+ has reached out and created a multi-tiered network that speaks to the needs of every business no matter how big or how small.

With the roll out of the Google+ platform for business owners, Google has taken the next step in completely revolutionizing the interaction of consumers with business owners.

Having designed the Google+ network with not just the average consumer or just the business owner in mind, but the combination of both, Google has bridged the gap between accessibility and usability.

Making available the wide range of products and services developed over many years of research has cemented the Google+ network as one of the front runners in the innovation and future development of internet business potential. The relative application potential of Google+s service is undeniable.

With the astounding number of visitors that use the basic search engine each and every day, the ability for Google to expand into a real power house loom large. It is in the best interest of every online business presence out there to recognize the value to be had from developing a Google+ profile now.

With all the buzz being created around the newest offerings, the ability for a company to rise above the pack, to reach out and connect with a large number of willing consumers is a true achievement that will echo for many years.

From their consideration of the smallest facet of the network, to their further and continuing commitment to future development, the Google team has taken the art of Social Networking and turned it into a very viable tool for any business or corporation to make use of now and well into the next decade.

It only remains for the savvy owner to reach out and make use of these amazing tools. And we can help you with this!

Google PageRank – Why?

PageRank is how highly rated your site is according to search engines, especially Google™.

According to Google, over 500 million variables are considered, along with 2 billion terms. A good portion of this comes from links and the pages that they link to and from.

This is where PageRank begins to become complicated. Google has never released its algorithm and likely never will. The entire concept is to provide Google search users with the most relevant results possible.

The key to PageRank success is simply understanding why Google ranks some pages and sites higher than others. Understand the basics and the rest is mainly research, linking, and maintaining your site. Even basic site maintenance means a lot when it comes to Google PageRank.

Since PageRank is Google’s baby, site owners often make the costly mistake of believing that rank doesn’t really matter. The higher the PageRank that you have, the more of an authority that you are considered.

PageRank doesn’t matter to every site. In fact, some sites are simply so niche-based that they rank highly simply by offering high-quality content on a regular basis. The keywords that they use are so unique that there is little competition. They become an authority without taking the typical steps to draw in traffic and rank.

If you are trying to market your product or service online, you must rank high in order for visitors to find you. While you can advertise both online and offline, it is important to ensure that your site does part of the advertising itself. This will draw in more visitors and customers without costing you anything.

Any other type of site trying to make a profit in some form or another must have traffic to succeed. A high PageRank means traffic. Traffic equals profits. It is a simple concept. Getting the PageRank is a completely different story. However, it is worth the time and money in order to make your site a success.

PageRank matters if you want traffic. The higher your rank, the more traffic you will have. If you wonder whether rank is important, take a look at your traffic now. Would you like more? If you are selling something or trying to profit, could you stand earning more? If you answered “yes” to either question, you need to learn more about how to rank your website or hire a specialist.

One of the most commonly used techniques used to increase PageRank is link building. Some site owners used to try to manipulate Google by placing links everywhere. Google has made a variety of changes to ensure that this type of link saturation doesn’t work. Google now takes a long, hard look at where your links lead and where they come from. You can’t just submit links everywhere any more.

PageRank isn’t all about links, you can gain quite a bit of ground if you discover the secret about links and how they affect your PageRank.

PageRank calculations are one of Google’s biggest secrets. Only those who work on and implement the algorithms know exactly how they work. Google also keeps PageRank details secretive to remain competitive.

Despite its secrecy, Google’s model has actually become one of the easier ones to understand. This is why most webmasters plan their sites around Google instead of other search engines. Building a blog’s following and increasing PageRank takes time, knowledge and experience. The work is worth the pay off when you see your site on that first page of search results on a regular basis for your topic. If you need help, contact us!