Interacting on Google+ Hangouts

Interacting on Google+ Hangouts is the main reason many people use the program. Interacting can be done in different ways. You can talk live on video or chat in the chat panel. You can share documents and other videos as well. Besides being invited, finding Hangouts to join can be done in different ways.

Talking Live
Once you begin broadcasting your Hangout appears in your stream. You want people to link to the post that has the Hangout so they can post comments, give their feedback and basically have everyone in the same location.

Now it’s time to start talking. Whether you are using the hangout for business or just for fun, you should tone your style to the type of hangout it is. A business hangout is going to be a bit more formal than a personal one.

Make sure your webcam and microphone are connected correctly. Do some prep work before the hangout so you know what you are going to be talking about. It’s fine to have some notes but keep it natural.

When you don’t know the people you are hanging out with, begin by saying hello to the group. Let them know you’ve joined them in the room. Don’t forget to unmute your microphone by clicking the mic button in the corner of the window.

Let everyone know where you’re from or the type of business you are from. Often this is the second question you get asked when you’re in a Hangout since people love to connect with others from around the world.

Take a few minutes to listen to what everyone is chatting about and then participate in the conversation.
The bottom pane on your Hangout window shows those who are connected to your Hangout. On the right pane you see the text chat window.

Using the Chat
In the Hangout chat you can talk to your fellow Hangouters through text messages complete with emojis, through video chat or with photos.
Texts will scroll into the pane in real time. Google Hangouts keeps an archive of each of your conversations so you can continue to have conversations for a long time.

Text chat is easy to use. It’s basically the same as text messaging on your smartphone. Simply type in what you want to say and hit enter. The text chat is located on the right side. If you don’t see it you can access it by clicking on the chat button on the left pane of your hangout window. In the text chat pane you can type in questions, chat with other members and share content.

You on camera video conversations can be with up to 10 people. A person talking on video chat shows up on the screen while the others in the call are shown in the boxes along the bottom of the window until they are speaking.

Try to take turns talking in an orderly way. Otherwise it gets a little jumbled sounding to the rest of the viewers. The quality of the call will vary due each person’s internet connection.
The history for each chat is on by default in hangouts. It can be turned off by the user left on for each individual chat. However, if history is off it isn’t stored for future access.

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Tips to Tips to Maximize Google Hangouts for Your Business

Tips to Tips to Maximize Google Hangouts for Your Business and Your Audience!

  • Practice a few times with friends or family. Learn how to upload documents, pictures, and connect to videos.
  • Mute yourself when you’re not talking so there’s no distraction when other people are talking.
  • Invest in a nice external headphone and microphone so your sound clarity is good and you’re easy to understand.
  • Check your lighting. Make sure people can see you well. The light source you use should be in front of you rather than behind you where it can cause glare.
  • Eliminate distractions. Make sure your surroundings aren’t distracting to the viewer. For example, you may not want to have your back to a kitchen where someone is cooking or dishes are piled up on the counter.
  • Share and get the word out about your Hangout. Make sure it’s easy to join your hangout or that your On Air Hangout is publicized. Embed the link on your site, email it, and share it on social media. Build buzz.
  • Integrate your YouTube, Picasa, and Google drive accounts with your Google+ account. This makes it easy to share documents, links, and files during a hangout.
  • Create the list of people you want to invite by putting them all in a circle. Then you can simply invite the circle to your hangout.
  • Prepare! Create any documents, images, and videos that you are going to share ahead of time so you can easily add them to the hangout.
  • Give your hangout a title or name that represents your business niche, is catchy and is easily searchable. Embrace headline copywriting techniques to create your hangout name.

Finally, as with any new marketing tactic, make sure to test and track your success. Ask for feedback and pay attention to the analytics. Your Google Hangout efforts just may be the best marketing tactic you have available to you. Use it well and have fun embracing this new trend in business marketing.

Google Hangouts Step by Step


Today video technology is used for more than recording moments in time. You can connect with friends, family, and customers instantly via video chat tools. You can teach, learn, and create a community all through the use of video. This same technology can be used to make a coaching business, a service based business, and even a product based business more profitable and successful. No single video technology has more to offer than Google Hangouts.

What is Google Hangouts?

Google Hangouts is a free video chat service from Google. It makes it possible to participate in one- on-one chats as well as group chats. Presently, group chats can have up to ten people at a time.
While video chat isn’t anything new – Skype, FaceTime and Facebook Video Chat have been around for a while; Google Hangouts provides much more in terms of technology and usefulness.

Google promotes what’s often called “face-to-face-to-face” group interaction. You can easily switch the focus of the hangout to the person who is currently talking.

Google Hangouts is also readily accessible. It can be accessed via laptop, desktop or mobile device, including Android and iOS powered devices.

Google Hangouts also offers more than the traditional video chat. You can share documents, YouTube Videos, scratchpads and images. There’s also a feature that lets you broadcast live video conversations and make them available to anyone online.

Here is a step-by-step video to Google Hangouts: