Google One Pass is revolutionizing the world of purchase of viewing content. If you are a publisher, considering either going paperless or adding the additional convenience of online viewing and subscription, this may be the perfect solution for you. Google One Pass is the perfect vehicle to allow the consumer to get a taste of your product to draw them in. Once they decide that it is something they would like to hold a subscription for, they are able to sign up to view more, all through one site and all manageable by you. There is no outsource company needed, or complexity to use or management.

Online subscriptions are the trend of publishing for the future. People no longer want to carry around anything more than their existing devices. Having access to information or materials on their gadgets is a very important convenience for people today and they will gravitate toward materials that are more readily available. Make sure to keep your publications and content relevant by making it convenient to its users through Google One Pass.

Google One Pass is the ideal publication device. It is the perfect way to generate a new revenue stream for your business or publication. Where once you were only able to target a specific demographic, opening up your content to the internet is like reaching millions of people worldwide in an instant. It provides ease of use for your consumer, with the ability to offer them options such as purchase-once or view anytime access, where you set the price for viewing. If you should decide to extend the service to your existing consumers, allowing them access is not only possible, but easily done, without any effort on their part.

Google One Pass is not a complicated process, nor does it need a professional to implement. Made specifically for the business owner who may not be well versed in technological complexity, it is user-friendly and requires only minimal operational knowledge. It is set up to provide the business owner with a flexible business model to set the parameters for purchase with various options for consumers such as subscription, day passes, pay-per-article, multi-issue, metered access, the decisions are all in your hands for use. You maintain all of the control over the content and how much or how little you want to display, and what you want to charge for access.

Google One Pass allows you to set up a totally self-sufficient site that will require no additional third-party pay systems or sites to piggy back from. All access, sign ups and payments can be made on the same website, and even better, through your control. Although should you decide that you would like to interface with other sites, you have the ability to manage content across multiple sites, and easily offers outside tools such as mobile apps. This will give your consumers flexibility and the ease of use to view content across different mediums all through the same subscription. Google One Pass takes the mystic out of digital content available online, bringing the control back into your hands.

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