Tips for SEO Success in 2014Ranking high on the search engines is like a dream come true to most internet marketers. If you can rank your website higher on the search engines, then you are almost guaranteed with good fortunes and traffic, especially if you rank high on the right keywords. However, the truth is to rank high on search engines is no easy task at all. In fact, not only will you have to please the search engines and your potential traffic, you will have to be able to overcome the obstacles that are known as ‘competition’.

Good keywords are usually crowded with competitors, and thus many people seek for ways to reach the top of the search engine rankings with other alternatives. Some might tell you to write guest post for the websites that appears on the top of the search or some might use Google News to try and siphon traffic from there. Another great way to siphon traffic from the search engines especially Google is to try and rank your images high on the Google Image search. This is a great way to get search engine traffic subtly.

Below are some steps that you can follow to help you rank your images high on the search engines.

Image load Time

The first thing you should be wary of if you wish to rank your images high on the search engines is to make sure that the image loading time is not too long and that the file size is not too big. This is especially true when it comes to Google because they have confirmed this fact themselves about image loading time playing a role in the rankings.

If your file is actually very big, you should consider resizing the file and make it smaller or use a thumbnail to represent the file first. If your thumbnail is able to rank high then that should be more than enough to get people to click through and get to your website.

Image back linking.

There are websites out there that accepts posting of images. When you post your images make sure that you post the image and back link it to your own image. Since backlinks do play a role in helping your site and image rank, try your best to get backlinks to your image. However, you must always keep in mind not to go overboard when it comes to the number of back links.

Always make sure that your backlinks look natural to the search engines and do not spam them. You can also try to find high-ranking sites to post your pictures on for quality backlinking to your images that you wish to rank high. Of course that goes to say that if your backlink comes from relevant or high page rank sites, then you stand a better chance of getting your images ranked.

Image Name

One of the common mistakes that webmasters commit is that they do not rename their pictures properly. Some people get lazy and leave their image name untouched straight from the camera and often times it will look like ‘N82368.jpg’. This is very bad if you want to get your image ranked. Instead, you should name your image properly and if possible, name it as close as it is possible to the keyword that you want your image to get ranked for.

Use hyphens, underscored or a simple full stop sign to tie your name together. For example, if you have a picture of a black keyboard, then you should link it with one of the signs to make it say ‘black-keyboard’. If you leave it as a blank space to separate the words it will automatically show ‘black%20keyboard’ instead. This is the main reason why we use hyphens, underscore or a full stop to replace the blank space. This will make your image name look better, and it is easier to read as well.

Image Title And Alt Text.

Don’t forget to set up your image tile and alt text properly. When you have a good alt-text written you can actually have a good description of the image. This is what is usually seen by the search engine spiders. This is also why you should use the alt-text and write a good relevant description of your image so that the search engine knows what your image is about, and it might even help your site rank higher.

The image title should be clearly written and relevant as well.

Image metadata.

Most images should come with a set of Meta data where it shows you more information about the image such as when the image was created or edited. Inside the metadata space, you should be able to make use of the description column where you can place a relevant description of your images. Be sure to insert the keyword of your choice appropriately to help the search engines identify your images properly and show them that your image is relevant to your site and the search term of your choice.

Follow the above mentioned best practices and you should be able to see some good results with your image ranking and sometimes you might see a difference in your site rankings as well. Of course doing all of the above does not necessary guarantee a high ranking, but it should play an important role to help the search engines value your images highly and place them according to their decisions. If you have a page that has a lot of text, then the images might serve to help your page’s ranking, and if you have a gallery full of pictures, then if just one of your pictures on your gallery rank highly for some keywords, then your gallery might be able to attract more search engine visitors to your site.

Tips for YOUR Business SEO Success in 2014

Tips for SEO Success in 2014Every modern business today requires the best of search engine optimization to survive; much more use a market leader in its industry. The availability of SEO to businesses small (or big) impacts the business growth, brand and visibility with a greater market appeal. Hence, it is worth every business effort in understanding and applying the best of SEO for the desired business success in 2014.

There is a plethora of SEO success factors that are available to different business enterprises in different industries. Not every business company would apply the same SEO features to enjoy the same degree of business success for this year. However, most businesses would try to secure the top 3 tips for SEO success in 2014 that would generate the desired business outcomes.

Best Practices and new trends

Search engine optimization offers a myriad of tools and resources to benefit the business when rightly applied. There are various processes which a business can choose to enhance their web business site as more consumers turn to the Internet for their shopping and entertainment needs. It is a common consumer habit to click on the first link displayed by search engines when a search is generated. This is the trend of consumers to assume that the first link is the best of their desired searches as generated by popular search engines.

Web pages that are frequently viewed with appropriate keywords are normally listed higher in the first page results of search engines. This is the best practice adopted by search engines using specific algorithms in determining the ‘value’ of the web pages and their contents. Web businesses take on different types of SEO strategies such as on-page and off-page to benefit from the best of SEO.

It is crucial for web marketers to be aware of the best practices and trends of SEO that would impact businesses of any size, industry and establishment. The progressive technology generates new search algorithms that are more stringent with a host of SEO applications to benefit web businesses. It can be a daunting task for any business enterprise today to select the best of search engine optimization tools, techniques or campaigns to enjoy the desired business outcomes. More stringent semantic searches with highly complex queries are being manipulated by top search engines to screen the best of web pages while denouncing poorly structured ones. This is the trend in ranking any website by top search engines in 2014 especially with Google’s Hummingbird algorithm.

There is also the emergence of Google Panda or Google Penguin in the market that applies a stringent ranking algorithm to put only the best of websites at the top of the results page of Google. An online marketer must stay alert to the technological changes on search engine optimization that impact the consumers’ search patterns for 2014. New trends in SEO would be set and applied to the evolving technologies coming onto the marketplace. There might be an intense integration of the old and new in SEO to satisfy changing business and consumer demands for this year.

Proactive approaches by businesses

It is important for businesses to stay connected with the evolving technologies and changing trends in SEO to enjoy the desired business success in 2014. More and more businesses may crop up in the marketplace overnight and gain a foothold in the market as a market leader quickly. There must not be any letting off on market alertness with the uprising trends in SEO and the social media marketing environments. Every business today needs to stay in touch with the growing number of social media websites that can fuel their marketing strategies and campaigns effortlessly.

Modern businesses need a proactive mindset with appropriate actions to manipulate the available web resources to propel their market standing and value through social, local and mobile aspects. Impactful SEO changes must be adopted to take on the benefits before the competitors to gain an unfair marketing advantage. ‘The early bird gets the worm’ is an appropriate adage applicable to modern businesses with the power of the Internet today to boost the business operations and bottom lines. There is no differentiation between small or big businesses with the appropriate use of SEO tactics and features in any industry.

Modern businesses need to share website links proactively and frequently with new and fresh contents that would capture the attention of their targeted web audiences. Relevant keywords must be researched and engaged for greater effectiveness when applied in web searches. The business webpage must also be structured in total compliance with the stringent web requirements of search engines to be well noted on the Internet for more traffic.

New frontiers of potential markets

Another tip for SEO success in 2014 is a consideration of new market frontiers which may be emerging or already beckoning. There is a definite expansion in the use of social and mobile environments besides the local environment which SEO can be applied successfully by any business.

The smart and innovative business enterprise in 2014 would take advantage of these new environments to source for more potential leads to expand their customer base and increase their sales opportunities for a bigger bottom line. There are now more marketing opportunities through online social media sites and mobile environments that captivate millions of users or members. These environments form the best of opportunities to gain potential leads for any business when the right SEO campaign is applied and monitored carefully to gain the best results.

There would be an integration of new and old SEO features into online social media sites and mobile environments with new applications and software solutions making their presence in the marketplace. Every modern business in 2014 needs to stay in touch with the millions of mobile and online social media sites’ users to have their SEO campaigns effectively executed.

Popular search engines would impose greater verification’s on web pages and contents via local and mobile tie-ins with complex semantic improvements as found on mobile devices and systems.

Combine SEO With Other Marketing Strategies

Ways To Combine SEO For Small Business With Other Marketing Strategies

More and more dynamic marketing tools are springing up in the market today that can boost small businesses. Modern businesses are aware of search engine optimization or SEO features and tools that need to be incorporated into their web business site to move the business forward. Nevertheless, website optimization is only one part of a comprehensive online marketing campaign for a cost effective outcome.

Actually, SEO tools and features work in greater dynamics when combined with other marketing strategies which serve to advertise the business in some form. Here are 4 ways to combine SEO with other marketing strategies that would benefit any small business when applied appropriately as each combination poses advantages and disadvantages.

1. SEO/Paid Advertising Combo

Online Paid Advertising is known as Pay Per Click or PPC advertising. Examples of PPC are Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and Yahoo Overture. More and more of PPC options are sprouting up in the market as these modes produce immediate desired outcomes; even from day 1. A PPC campaign may hit the ceiling when a budget is set that prevents more income to be generated. Hence, PPC approach should be combined with SEO strategies that are designed to produce long term effects especially when the collated information from the PPC campaign can be leveraged on. There may still be a budget ceiling at the offset of the combo campaign but the budget can be re-evaluated when the desired results are observed. Thus, a lower cost per lead would be achieved and great savings can be enjoyed to secure a higher market position in the respective industry.

2. SEO/Video marketing Combo

The progressive technologies brings in a plethora of video production tools and software utilities in the market with many of these are offered free or as shareware. More and more small businesses are investing in video marketing with the basic equipment and software utilities downloaded free from the Internet to produce a simple but exciting video promoting their products and services.

Consumers can remember a product or service better on a video than reading about it on a leaflet or brochure. A video promotion on a product or service allows sounds and images that are arranged attractively in an appealing order to capture attention while some well produced videos can compel an immediate proactive action as instigated by the video. Consumers tend to respond to an online product promotion via video than other traditional means. An emotional connection is easily and quickly established with the targeted audience to improve the web presence and branding of the company. An online video marketing can promote any product or service to anyone at anytime located anywhere.

Some small business may think that it is too expensive to generate a high quality professional promo video with expensive and bulky video equipment. However, the best of online video promotions may not bring forth the desired results if there is no audience viewing it. This is where a promotional video on the web must be optimized with the best SEO campaign to expose the video to the right niche audience for the desired results. Each promotional video must be optimized for popular search engines to pay attention while attracting more online viewers.

3. SEO/Social Media Combo

There is a plethora of social media tools and techniques in the market today that are used by businesses to gain greater market recognition and web presence on the Internet. Many small business marketers are joining one or more social media networking sites with others kick starting personal or private social media campaigns without much success. An established social media networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have millions of members; many of whom would fit the bill of “potential leads” for small businesses.

On its own, social media networking may be tedious and time consuming with small returns over a long time as many proactive actions must be undertaken over time. Brand exposure comes through constant brand engagement with consistent high quality contributions from marketers. But a social media and SEO combo opens up doors of opportunities for the small business with an increased visibility of the business beyond the targeted social media networks. An optimized social media campaign allows small businesses to indulge on the more important sections of the campaign to reap fruits faster.

4. SEO/Public Relations Combo

Good public relations are crucial to establishing businesses in the market. Online or offline public relations are necessary in allowing consumers to get to know the company and its offerings. It is an opportunity to create and establish brand presence while adding credibility to the company. There is a host of options to generate great public relations for any business. Mainstream news publications form the traditional approach to gain publicity coverage for even a small business that is willing to foot the high cost while online buzz among bloggers is the newest form of online PR options.

An improved profile with great content would cause the buzz and hype over the Internet more readily. Hence, it is crucial to marry SEO and online PR for the ideal business and brand on the Internet to secure the desired ROI. The available tools and features of both options can be blended to leverage on the best effects or outcomes that would boost the company image or brand.

Great content about new products or services can be optimized to be disseminated over the Internet to enjoy wider news coverage beyond boundaries and borders. Different aspects of the product or service can be targeted to keep customers interested or curious. Press releases must be well written to be available in print and on the different platforms that would reach more audience.

Combine SEO with another dynamic marketing strategy is a powerful marketing plan that must be taken seriously even for small businesses to make a greater impact in the marketplace. There are plenty of SEO experts who are available to assist small businesses in combining their preferred marketing strategy with SEO for a greater boost to the business growth.


Google’s Hummingbird algorithm set NEW stage for Search Engine Optimization.

Google's Hummingbird search algorithmGoogle Search department has been busy with updates during this year. Now we have seen the first impact of Google´s latest algorithm called “Hummingbird”.

Google´s Hummingbird is a complete rewrite of Google’s search algorithm. Unlike Google’s Penguin and Panda updates to Googles existing algorithms, Hummingbird is a complete replacement. Some say this is the first rewrite in over 15 years but certainly it is the largest upgrade to their search algorithm since 2001.

Google´s Hummingbird rolled out in September.

Hummingbird is a brand new engine, though it continues to use some of the same parts of the old alogorithm used in Penguin and Panda.

Hummingbird combined with Google’s new 100% (not provided) keyword update has delivered quite a beating to keywords research.

Google’s thinking behind the Hummingbird update is that it will make individual keywords less important, but will make the search phrases more important.

Hummingbird will provide more answers to searches rather than results by using inquisitive words like “how,” “why,” “when,” and “where” in addition to other search terms. Searches will become much more conversational in nature indicating that long tail keywords could help drive your business in the future.

Clearly the new Hummingbird algorithm sets the stage for the future of mobile search!

Hummingbird is more than SEO — and it’s much more than just search.


It’s all about mobile!

Google’s recent updates were illustrated with images of its mobile app, not its desktop site. More than anything else, Google over the past few years has been focused on making search on their mobile phone essier. Ask Google a question, and get your answer as quickly as possible. Hummingbird is just an extension of that. Mobile users need search results faster, and they need them to be immediately relevant. This is as true for smartphones as well as for upcoming devices like Google Glass.

This is why Google’s focus on voice search and it’s intent on making it easier for users to have conversations with its search engine, Siri-style.

The future of Google search is mobile-focused and question-oriented. Not longer plain keywords. While the Google of a decade ago was focused on delivering search results based solely on queries, the Google of today is drawing insights from a variety of signals — location, social connections, and even your previous searches. Coupled with the always-listening, and always-present Google Glass, it explains how Google wants to interact with YOU in the future: constantly, quickly, and transparently.

Do you have a mobile friendly website for YOUR business?

Search Engines And Their Role In Modern Marketing.

Every company is set up for profit and success with an aspiration to be a market leader in its own industry but not every company can enjoy consistent success without the right tools and resources.

The Internet proves to be the latest platform where modern businesses clamor on to capitalize on the available tools and resources to enjoy greater heights of fame and fortune.

Modern marketing tools

One of the most effective marketing tools that the Internet offers is a website which helps the business to gain more web presence and better image. However, the web business site must be well designed and implemented with the best of maintenance and upgrades to be contemporary and relevant to modern consumers. A web business site can be designed and developed personally or through professional web designers in the market.  The website of any online business venture must be impactful to attract more web traffic to it for a higher conversion to sales for businesses to enjoy more profit.

The progressive technology also brings on various search engine optimization tools and features which can be incorporated into a web business site to make it more lucrative to web consumers as well as popular search engines for a higher page ranking. SEO features that benefit the web business site would include fresh and original content that is interesting and relevant to consumers and social media tools that expand the market pie of the web business company.

Modern businesses also require new and advanced marketing solutions and approaches with the latest technological tools and methods to boost its market position and bottom line. This is where a search engine marketing service provider can come into the picture to assist online businesses in designing and developing the appropriate web business site with relevant logo, design, template and theme.

Search engine marketing companies offer professional web and SEO services that enhance the web business site’s web presence on the Internet with more web traffic to its site through various apps and solutions. These SEM service companies can also generate original and high quality content with optimum keywords that would attract more web visitors to the web business site. This is where the website for the business company becomes search engine optimized to gain favor with the web community as well as popular search engines.

When that happens, the web business site would enjoy a higher page rank where its products and services are easily found on the top of search result listings. The top position enhances the company’s image and branding of products and services to enjoy higher online sales.

Almost all businesses that wish to survive in an intensely competitive environment must embrace search engine marketing tools and approaches to gain an edge over their competitors.

Online marketing

An Internet business is highly based on successful and quick searches. Search engine marketing companies offer web businesses their professional assistance through knowledge, skills, tools and resources in creating effective and efficient apps and solutions that cater to the different types of business in the industry. They have SEO experts who are skilled and creative in generating online marketing tools and solutions that benefit web businesses with an optimized website.

Appropriate search engine marketing services can propel the web business site to a higher position in a favorable directory listing or search engine. The SEM service providers must be well versed with website design and development, original and high quality content creation as well as meta tag creation, suitable catchy titles, appropriate keywords, link building, reports and maintenance of the website.

These SEM services are significant in generating a user-friendly website that is attractive to more web consumers to visit and to exercise their purchasing power with online shopping facilitation.

The success or failure of a web business site hinges heavily on appropriate search engine marketing tools and approaches employed. An optimized website brings in more web traffic that comprises new customers for business growth.

SEM companies

There is a plethora of search engine marketing service providers in the market that claim to be the best in SEM. Their credibility must be checked and proven through their track record and customer feedback.

SEM service providers must be well equipped with the latest technological tools and skills to keep abreast with the latest technologies and techniques as there is a constant changing of search engine algorithms and web requirements.

Professional search engine marketing service companies would have qualified and talented SEO experts who can design exceptional web business sites for any type of business in any industry that will generate high traffic to the web business site.

The best of search engine marketing firms employs the best of SEM tools and approaches to add value to the web business site with white hat SEO tools and features such as link building, social bookmarking, article creation and submission to popular directories and search engines. These SEO tools and features serve to enhance the website visibility on the Internet with a better brand image. Popular search engines such as Google would find these sites dynamic and vibrant to be given a higher ranking on their web pages which would enhance the search activities through optimized keywords.

This is where experienced and skilled SEM service providers incorporate keyword rich content into the website to be more search engine friendly while enticing more web readers. Other SEM tools considered would include an enhanced navigation structure in the website to link the pages properly while making the web page easy to navigate and attractive for long browsing.

There must be sufficient and relevant research and analysis by hiring SEM companies to identify the competitor’s SWOT with countermeasures that would benefit the business company. SEM service providers need to offer a wide scope of search engine marketing services that include the right tools and solutions to put their client companies ahead of their competitors in an intensely competitive business environment today. There must be an edge over the competition with the right SEM service providers who are well equipped with the best of online marketing campaigns and strategies to support their business clients.