Is SEO really effective for Internet Marketing?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and without it your Internet marketing efforts will more than likely fail. This is true because SEO helps Internet marketers to get more traffic to their websites and more traffic means more sales. Research shows that most people find what they need online through search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. If your site doesn’t show up first, then you will have less chances of getting their business.

Research also shows that nearly all website traffic comes through one of these major search engines, so if you own a website store, you want your website to show up in the first few lines of a search. That’s where SEO comes in, it helps to get your site optimized so that it gets indexed properly by the search engines and your site shows up ahead of your competitor’s site. If not, then potential clients will buy from the first place they see online that means their needs, whether that is yours or not.

Proper Use of SEO Leads to Successful Websites
All Internet marketers want their products to be successful and to make lots of money fast and easily. If you don’t use proper SEO then that isn’t going to happen. A website has to have good content, with worthwhile and up-to-date information on how your product can help the customer. If SEO is used properly by introducing good quality keywords, worthwhile and trusted backlinks, and proper use of things like social media, blogs and more, then your business will be very successful.

Here are some of the ways to use SEO properly:

Proper Keyword Usage
All websites need good content that helps your potential customers understand all there is to know about your product or services you are offering. If your content doesn’t contain the right keywords that Google or the other search engines can index and use to drive searches, then your potential customers aren’t going to find your website. Proper SEO means using good quality keywords so that they do find your website.
Search engines look for certain popular keywords and if your site content contains the ones that are trending, then it’s likely your potential customers will find you. Making sure you know what keywords are the most current and placing these into your content is what makes SEO work for your site and bring in traffic.

Link Building
Link building is something else that SEO uses to bring in traffic to a website. If Internet marketers collect good links and put them into their content, this is another thing that the search engines use to bring in traffic. If your site has a good amount of high quality links to other authority websites (like those with .gov or .edu for instance) and with sites relevant to your business topic, then that will help in bringing in customers. Be sure to stay away from bad sites that are spammy or contain pornography, bad grammar, etc., as Google could ban your site if too many of these are seen.

Social Media and other websites
SEO also means using things like social media, blogs or website forums to promote your business website. It’s vital to have a Facebook and Twitter account, for instance, as this allows businesses to interact in real time with their customers and potential customers. You can also help draw traffic to your site by commenting on other blogs or Facebook pages and leaving your URL for people to follow. This helps to get yourself known and get others to share your information, which can lead to more traffic and future sales.
There are millions of users on sites like Facebook and they are from places all over the world. The Internet is a tool that helps Internet marketers interact with a global market worldwide. Proper use of SEO tactics will help your business to take advantage of this fact and open up a potential market of millions of possible clients.

Using articles to market your business
Another good use of SEO is to market articles about your business and post them on other related websites or directories. This is another way to draw traffic to your website by putting links in the articles that people will follow. It helps to make your site more visible to many more potential customers who may come to your site and buy things, which means more profits for your business.
The bottom line is that SEO is a vital process that helps to optimize your business website so that as an Internet marketer you can become better known to your customers and to those searching for the type of products or services you provide. Be sure to use it to your advantage and soon your business website will become one of the top ranked sites and your profits will soar.

Google Confirmed: Social Signals replacing Backlinks for Search Engine Optimization!

When search engines like Google came into the scene, and they all work based on one main principle: A backlink, also known as an inbound link (IBL), is simply a link or URL that directs you to a website. The quantity of banklinks indicates the popularity or significance of a certain website.

Social-SignalsAll of this has changed, search engines started developomg more complex algorithms for more sophisticated methods of website optimization. The whole process of search engine optimization has progressed over the years, making some of these tricks obsolete. As the whole process evolves, optimizers must swim with the tide.

This has transcended from quantity to quality, and the phrase ‘content is king’ the one thing still constant in the race for search engine supremacy.

Google has been on a quest to find websites with fresh and relevant content through their leading search engine. Up until now, Google continues to stress how important it is for them to find fresh content, making it vital in search engine optimization.

Social media has continuously made a huge impact to search engine optimization. For the most part, people are increasingly inclined to share new and relevant content on social media websites by posting links, leading others to fresh content more than any means thought possible. These are called ‘social signals,’ and making use of these is now the easiest and most popular method of directing people to websites, increasing traffic, and at same time search ranking.

Social signals are links on social networking profiles that connect people to your website.

Google introduced its Social Search feature back in 2009. It’s the search giant’s added service that provides views of customized search results on people in your social network. There is evidence that Google is paying close attention to social signals both on and off their proprietary social media websites.Google Analytics has already included social media data as part of their search ranking factors. What they might not be saying is becoming apparent in search engine ranking results: social signals are now part of the equation.

After Google launched its Social Search feature and Facebook decided to jump into the search business with its Graph Search, it seems like the time of social search engine optimization, or social SEO, is at hand.

Google aims to deliver search results that are most relevant to you, based on behavior, location and social network. When you perform a search, the results are patterned to your personal habits and location. Google Plus members who are also logged into Google services, like Gmail, will have results influenced by their connections.

Tweets, Google +1’s and Facebook Likes are social signals that can help you become visible in search engine results and get your website content indexed immediately. A steady increase of Facebook Likes, comments, favorites, retweets and + 1’s indicate that your content is of high quality and interesting, your website is ideally optimized for sharing and you’re promoting to engaging, quality readers. One other way in which Google gauges a website’s social signal is via traffic provided by social referrals. By promoting your content through various social media, you get to increase the social signals of your website.

Updates in Google’s algorithms have given more emphasis to functionality and quality of content, telling us that a visitor’s satisfaction, not only the sheer volume of visits, can determine a site’s search ranking.

It’s conclusive that the importance of social signals is now the new ‘links,’ revolutionizing how search engines rank websites in their page results.

One has gained the upper hand in the battle between quantity and quality, with quality gaining supremacy. This has turned SEO strategies into a totally different ballgame, with small businesses being forced to make a few changes:
• Post interesting and original content
• Use good keywords
• Add social media sharing buttons
• Establish social networks and engage with other users

To generate social signals for your website, sign up and create a business site on the follow social networking sites:
• Facebook
• Twitter
• Google+
• Pinterest
• Instagram
• Flickr
• LinkedIn
• Reddit
• Digg
• StumbleUpon

The Benefits of SEO for Your Business

Getting your website to the top of search engines can be a long and tedious process. The easiest option would be PPC but that can be costly and for new start-ups and small businesses. The option is not very beneficial as it may result in more cost than income. PPC can also be very tricky and needs to be tracked on a constant basis, which is why many businesses prefer search engine optimization, SEO. SEO is a cheaper alternative that can help your website get to the top of search engine searches for particular keywords. SEO has become quite popular with online businesses competing to get on top of search engines especially through link building along with other mediums.

SEO results in a more user friendly site and more clients

Optimizing your website would mean that you are creating a website that is easier to navigate, much faster, and overall better for your users. For example, keeping SEO in mind when creating a website it would be important not to use too much flash which hurts ranking on search engines, less flash also results in a much friendly website as it does not require much load time. So, optimizing would help you develop a more professional and relevant website for your market.

When it comes to attracting more clients, the content of the website is key. The keywords used will play a key role in optimization with search engines, using relevant keywords would drive relevant traffic to the website of customers looking for the services that you provide. This way you would have a better conversion rate of customers who come to the website as it would be relevant traffic rather than just anyone visiting the website. SEO can take your business to the next level online, if done properly it can attract enough traffic and business that can turn a small business to an enterprise.

SEO helps build the brand

A major benefit to SEO is that it strengthens your brand. Usually when customers are searching for a particular service they trust the websites that are ranked on top more than the others. Being on top of search engine also shows prospective customers that you care about your brand and have worked hard to get it to the top and would provide services that would keep it there. SEO helps you get on top of search engines and in turn helps your brand image; it makes your brand stand out amongst the millions of websites online which is quite important in the online world. Rankings can help or break your business online, the lower ranked you are the lesser traffic you will drive to the website which would lead to the destruction of your brand and business.

SEO leads to a better return on Investment

If we were to look at the average stats of paid ads, for every 1000 visitors from a paid ad about 20 are converted into sales at the same time about 40 would be converted from SEO. The number doubles with the same amount of visitors which means a better return on your investment. This is a main benefit of SEO over any other type of online marketing. The reason for this is the fact that customers search a particular keyword or tag which would also be on your website, so these people are actually looking for your services or product. But at the same time anyone can click ads online and many times these clicks are by accident.

SEO is low costing

The low costing market is very important for startups and small businesses. SEO leads to organic traffic and organic traffic are more relevant to your business and essentially free. The benefit of SEO is the fact that you do not need to allocate a budget for advertising or pay per click. SEO services provided by marketing companies are not free but in the long run help cost less or if you are familiar with optimization you can even do it yourself. In paid ads you have to pay per each click same goes with Google Adwords along with other online marketing ads and once your budget ends for this traffic to your website would stop. With SEO this is not the case it never stops, so there would always be traffic to your site and the best part is that it would be free.

Overcome your competition and drive them out

SEO is important in the online world, now when you have two businesses that offer similar services or products online one has optimized their website while the other hasn’t. Who would get more business online? The answer to that is simple. The business that has optimized their website, many small businesses does not understand the power of SEO and underestimate it. The online world is very competitive and it is important to have a proper optimized website to help bring success to your business and overcome your competition and drive businesses your way and away from them.

For businesses looking to establish themselves online SEO is vital to drive the proper traffic their way and generate sales. It is an investment rather than a cost that will pay off in the long run, it does not get you traffic immediately but is a very quick way of generating proper leads. The online world is very competitive SEO will help develop your brand and establish your business online. It would help your business flourish and gain success in a fairly decent amount of time. It is the most effective and efficient tool when it comes to online marketing which has been the drive to many businesses success online. So have your website optimized if you are looking to drive more business to your website and make sure to get it done properly, excessive optimization or optimization when not done properly can hurt you more than it benefits you.

Why It Is Important To Protect Your SEO Content

There are many ways to prepare your website for Search Engine Optimization and one of the most crucial methods is to write articles that come with SEO-friendly contents. Having SEO-friendly content means that you have well-written articles that are useful to both your site as well as to major search engines. In fact, search engines such as Yahoo! and Google is able to recognize the contents of your site and evaluate it for its relevance as well as quality.

The key to writing a successful SEO-friendly content is to use appropriate keywords. Moreover, it is also important to follow the acceptable density of your keywords that search engines can easily detect. Below are some rules on how you can create SEO-friendly content using the right keywords:

  • Select keywords that are relevant to the type of business that you have.
  • Use the keywords three to four times in a 400-word article. Remember that you have to maintain a maximum or 1% or 2% keyword density.
  • Do not use too much keyword as it can distract the readers as well as weigh down the content of the site.
  • Use a keyword analysis tool to determine the appropriate keywords for your website.

It is easy to create SEO-friendly contents for your website and all there is to it is to determine the appropriate keywords as well as hire a good content writer. However, once you have already posted your articles on your website or blog, you have another important task to do which is to protect your content.

It is important to take note that your content is one of the most important factors why your website becomes visible among major search engine sites. Unfortunately, another problem faced by legitimate website owners is content theft.
Your Content Is Very Important

If you have been doing SEO for a long time, then you already know that mantra “Content is King”. This means that you need to write original and unique contents in order for you to rank high in the search pages in Google, Yahoo!, Bing and MSN.
Having your contents stolen will pose a very big problem. Once your content gets duplicated, it confuses the search engine. The reason is that search engines are having a hard time deciding which page is more relevant. Thus, there is a tendency for search engines to blacklist your website from the search pages thereby reducing the relevant traffic that you get on your site.

Protect Your SEO Contents by Using Watermarks

Protecting your contents is very crucial in order to maintain the credibility of your website. There are many ways for you to protect your contents. One of the most basic and perhaps the most important method is for you to use watermarks. This is especially true if you are using images and videos in your website. A watermark is an image posted on the documents that protects them against counterfeiting. It will be awkward to use your images without permission if you put watermarks on them.

Another way to protect your content is to put copyright notices to let everyone know that you have the original content.

Although copyrighting and posting watermarks help, these will not help thieves who are really determined to steal your contents and ideas.

Use a Content Guard Tool

There are other ways for you to guard your content against thieves who are determined to steal your contents. There are many useful tools that are available online that will provide you with maximum content protection. The Google Authorship is a very good tool to protect your content.

However, those who write under a pseudonym or those who do not want to disclose their identities due to privacy concerns cannot appreciate this tool because it requires you to use your real name. But if you do not have any issues regarding using your real name, the Google Authorship tool will allow Google search engine to automatically identify you as a unique writer and if your contents get copied, you will not be punished for the duplicated content.

Use Google Alerts to Notify You for Duplicated Contents

It is crucial to take note that while protecting your content is one thing, catching the thieves is actually a different matter. The Google Authorship Tool just helps protect your content but it does not really help catch thieves at all. Fortunately, you can use tools such as Google Alert. This particular tool detects and notifies users when their contents have been duplicated.
In order for you are alerted for duplicated content, you have to copy sentences and create an alert using the tool so that you will get notified once they appear somewhere else online. You will also be directed to the website where your content was duplicated and you can file for the necessary action to punish the perpetrators.

How to Deal With Content Thieves

If you are using Google Alert, you will be able to detect who the perpetrator is. However, before you file the necessary actions, you have to gather all of your evidence first. Make sure that you create screenshots as well as get the original files.

Once you are finished gathering the evidences, you can then contact the thief. Send them an email message and try to ask them for their explanation for the infringement of your contents. There are some content thieves who really do not know that what they are doing are illegal so it is best to send them an email first to request that they take down the copied contents before you file legal actions. If they do not comply, then you can file for a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) complaint with Google. This complaint will allow Google to put down the contents that were stolen from you.

Content is king and your content allows you to drive the necessary traffic to your site. Having your contents stolen can cause a lot of pressing problems. Protecting your content against thievery is very important and there are now many ways for you to do it. Knowing these steps will allow you to sleep well at night without having to worry about your contents being stolen.


When it comes to internet marketing the term SEO is probably the first thing that pops into your mind. But what is SEO, many people use the term without actually having an idea of how it works or what is actually is. SEO is a process used in online marketing to organically or naturally improve the visibility of the website on a search engine. The main reason behind this is to drive more traffic to the website so the higher ranked the website is on the search engines the more likely people would visit it over the lower ranked websites.

There are many tactics used to help the SEO ranking of a website from using the keyword of your service of product properly in the content of the website to having the HTML of the website done properly with specific keywords, you can use various tactics to improve your ranking on search engines.

SEO has become a very popular and effective marketing tactic used in the online world today. With many businesses looking to establish their business online the competition has become very stiff. SEO helps businesses get ahead of their competition and bring more traffic on to their website over others.

How search engines work and see websites for SEO

Search engines see website in text format, they do not look at how well designed or flashy the website is. When it comes to ranking of websites, search engine perform the following steps to see the relevancy of the website to calculate its ranking for a keyword; crawling, indexing, processing, relevancy calculation, along with retrieving.

These steps are done in that particular order by the search engine. In short how the process works is search engines send out spiders or crawlers which crawl through the websites from one page to another indexing everything they find. The details that are gathered are indexed into a database; this step describes the website and stores it. The information stored is then processed and the relevancy of the website is then calculated. Then there are some technical processing that goes looking into the algorithms and what not to establish the ranking and retrieving is just showing that on the search engine.

The process of how search engines decide ranking is quite technical but in order to have a proper optimized website it is important to know which keywords you are looking to highlight in your website and use those. Also do keep in mind that the spiders or crawlers are not able to gather information from any flash content or Java script so websites that are completely flash based cannot be optimized, HTML websites are recommended if you are looking to get proper optimization done on your website.

How to properly optimize your website (Do’s and Don’ts’)

Now that you know what search engines look for when it comes to ranking you can follow the following steps to optimize your website properly. We know that search engines look at the content, performance of the website, along with user experience. At the same time the following should be avoided; keyword stuffing, purchased links, and poor user experience. When you overstuff the keyword in the content of the website the crawlers take it as junk and it actually hurts your ranking rather than boosts it. Purchased links also hurt rankings as these links are at times not relevant or used more than once. Making sure your website is easy to navigate for users, not too much content stuffing or ads would help your optimization, overdoing it on that would hurt it.

Title Tag

Other than using the keyword in the content properly, the title tag is also important for optimization. The title tag is basically the title of the website which can be seen at the top of the browser and on the search engine result page. It is important to keep the title tag precise; the title is basically a description of the contents of the page. The best format to use on the title tag would be having the primary keyword followed by the secondary keyword and then the brand name.

Meta Data

Meta data is actually hidden within the language of the website so it is not visible to the website viewers but search engine crawlers pick up on Meta tags you place in the website. Meta tag optimization is quite important when you are looking to optimize your website for search engines. Even though Google does not use Meta tags as a basis for optimization it is not the only search engine out there, Meta tags do not hurt you so it is better to incorporate them into the website. Meta tags are fairly easy to add on the website you just need to add the <head> tag right after a bit of html. Now with so many CMS based websites these systems actually do most the work for you so no reason why you would not use Meta data or tags to optimize your website.

When it comes to having your website optimized for search engines, it is important to know exactly how search engine work and the best practices for optimization. Optimization is not an easy process as search engines do penalize you if you over excessively use keywords in the content and if your website is not built properly for users. So when you plan on taking your business online have a proper blueprint of what type of website you require and how you will work to optimize it. It is best to have a plan from the start which would save you time and money and also help lead your business to success online.