Free Leads Using Google SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) has become a very powerful marketing strategy for modern businesses today with more companies engaging it for greater ROIs. Businesses can be automated with a smooth operation and easy maintenance at low cost to continue generating profits for the business owners.

This dynamic marketing strategy is a key instrument in generating huge traffic to boost businesses besides attracting the desired attention from top search engines like Google and Yahoo! for higher search rankings.

Cost Effective Impact

Every type of business today requires strong potential leads that would culminate into effective customers for the business. Many consumers are searching the Internet via Google, which is highly sophisticated in its technology and search machinery in providing the desired search results quickly.

The Google platform is highly favored for securing fast search results according to stipulated search criteria as the system is well structured to operate by sophisticated features adapted on technology rules and regulations. The keywords are quickly interpreted and searched against the system environment to display the desired results for web users.

Business landing pages can be displayed at the top page of Google search if the business owner or marketer understands how Google SEO system works. Greater business opportunities abound when the rules and regulations of the Google SEO system are satisfied. The business can be expanded quickly on the Internet and marketplace with little cost incurred. The brand and image of the company get a lift to be above the competition.

Benefits of Google SEO

Huge benefits await those who are bold to engage Google SEO into their business plans. Lots of targeted traffic can be secured for free to the web business site when the business adopts Google SEO approaches. The web business site is poised to receive ongoing leads for free as it continues to use Google SEO features.

Higher bottom lines are expected when Google SEO approaches are incorporated into the business marketing plans and campaigns. More traffic to the business website means a higher potential conversion rate from visitors to customers as the business gets more market awareness and publicity online. A greater impression is made on consumers who may incline towards the company brand and products or services more readily when the business website is esteemed well by Google through the right use of SEO features and marketing campaigns.

This would generate a more secure market position for the company which competitors would find it hard to unsettle. The business is able to take a front row in the industry while the competition struggles.

Google SEO offers fantastic organic search results that are relevant to the business. Google displays the results on indexed pages in directories without cost.

Characteristics of Google SEO

More businesses are using Google SEO today in their marketing campaigns to generate more traffic to their websites as this would generate a higher page rank on their web pages especially with the manipulation of right keywords.

Competitors would find it difficult to overtake companies employing Google SEO unless they are more skillful in manipulating Google SEO in their marketing campaigns. Passive traffic can be generated continuously once the best of the marketing campaign is activated. However, time and effort with in-depth research must be developed to build the best marketing campaign involving Google SEO.

Once the right platform is established to kick off the marketing campaign, favorable results would set in; such results are usually longer lasting with good impacts on the company. More traffic is put through with the incorporation of Google SEO. The best of SEO features via Google includes keywords, content and links.

Impactful Factors on Free Leads

It is not difficult to generate a continuous stream of strong leads to the web business site without incurring unnecessary costs. The choice of keywords is an important criterion in boosting high traffic to the web business site. High value keywords must be well researched to be properly identified and effective for the business in attracting web traffic that would convert into sales and profit.

There is the 80/20 rule on good keyword choice which refers to 20% conversion. This shows a high lacking in the choice of the effective keywords that would convert traffic into sales.

Killer articles with great content are vital to captivate the attention and favor of top search engines and web users. A constantly updated blog or business site serves the web community well with its relevant and fresh information. When the right information is easily available to the web users, they would return repeatedly to boost the business bottom line.

Another impactful factor with Google SEO is the manipulation of links from other sites. These are incoming links which boost the value of the web business sites, especially if the source sites are highly reputable in the market. A highly ranked source site adds an extra value to the business website in which the link is referring to. A wise inclusion of a relevant anchor text that links blog content would help web users see, read and click on the link for further required information.


Free leads are readily generated when Google SEO features are rightly manipulated. A good understanding of Google SEO is crucial prior to its manipulation to benefit the business. Google SEO comes in different levels; namely, marketer’s name ranking, company ranking and generic industry ranking.

Consumers today tend to make their purchases with marketers or business owners whom they have established a strong relationship with. It is easy to sell to those who are inclined towards the business than total strangers on the web. A well established relationship requires time and effort by the marketer or business owner in knowing their customers well to meet their needs and satisfy their expectations.

The right manipulation of Google SEO offers great rewards that boost business bottom line and market reputation. Every modern business today needs to consider implementing Google SEO into their marketing campaigns; even small or new businesses in any industry can kick start their way into the competitive playing field with Google SEO.



Get More Traffic with Your Google Account

FreeWebTraffic_Design2_02There is no denying that Google is the largest search engine around. Therefore it makes perfect sense to create and use your own Google account. If you haven’t yet created a Google account you could be missing out on a ton of traffic.

Once you have created an account you will have easy access to Google+, YouTube, Google News, Google Docs, Gmail and more. Not that you have to use them all, but you should use Google+ and YouTube at the very least.

Google+ allows you to link to your website and this will show up in the search engines. Have you seen those results where they have a photo attached to them? This is how that is done.

You should also be aware that Google now owns YouTube, so it makes sense to have an account there too. By posting YouTube videos on your website your site will be favored by Google.

Another feature of having a Google account is that you will have access to Google Hangouts. This also allows you to quickly create and upload videos into your YouTube account. Once your Hangout is complete the upload will begin automatically. Plus you don’t have to actually Hangout with anyone. You can create a quick video by yourself.

Just remember that videos can be a great source of traffic so don’t overlook this fact. People love to watch or listen and all you have to do is turn your blog post into a video. You don’t have to show your face if you don’t want to. Just read your text and show some related slides at the same time.

The nice part about having a Google account is that you can log into all the features with one user name and password. This means that you can write an email, post to your Google+ wall, and check out YouTube videos without requiring separate passwords.

By using your Google account and all of its features regularly, you should see a good increase in your traffic sources. As with any type of traffic you need to post interesting blog posts and videos to capture the reader’s attention first. This will create the desire in them to bookmark your site and revisit it often.

Creating a Google account can really help you find and benefit from a lot more traffic source. Plus your website could find itself ranking much higher in the search engines than before.

Google Gadgets & OpenSocial – A Social Media Marketing Toolset

Google Gadgets & OpenSocial
A Social Media Marketing Toolset 

Marketing on the Internet is not difficult with the wide range of advanced and cost effective marketing tools available for free. A host of social media marketing tools and resources is readily available to assist online business owners and marketers in drawing traffic to their web business site to promote their products and services.

Emergence of Social Media Marketing  

A Social Media Marketing Toolset An online business requires a varied range of components to be marketed on the web. A modern business requires a well-designed and attractive website to display the business wares and services as well as cost effective marketing strategies using the best of marketing tools for a continual growth and survival of the business in a competitive environment today.

The use of social media sites has proven increasingly popular and crucial in promoting the business offerings. Popular social media networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and Friendster offer a host of exciting marketing features that are cost effective to bring in lucrative results in a short period of advertising. When these social media sites integrate and interact in tandem with one another, a host of benefits can be reaped by the business entity.

Modern web users tend to be fans or followers of more than one social media network. It may prove a challenge for any active web user to track the different groups of friends on different networking sites. However, with Google Gadgets and Open Social today, this challenge is easily rectified. These marketing tools form an excellent social media marketing toolset to benefit online businesses in their web marketing endeavors.

Advanced Online Social Media Marketing Tools

Open Social is an integral Google apps builder that can link multiple websites to one API while permitting the hosting of other social applications. Webmasters using Open Social may require some working knowledge of JavaScript and HTML, although Google is well prepared with online tutorials on handling Open Social efficiently.

Google also offers Google Gadgets to link marketing activities with popular social networking sites for a greater business outcome. This marketing tool allows a cost effective social application to be built readily. This dynamic duo forms an excellent social media marketing tool to the delight of web businesses regardless of industry and size. Google gadgets are found in an XML file containing instructions to Google on a gadget configuration. It is easy for Google to approve a gadget with a simple location URL identifying the gadget XML file. Once Google locates and verifies the gadget’s functionality, it would add the gadget to its database for millions of users to use.

Gadgets can also be complex JavaScript codes running Flash applications designed to interact with databases. A gadget can be complex due to its functionality. Some programming skills and working knowledge of JavaScript and Flash may be necessary in designing and developing effective gadgets for Google. An appealing gadget that is a Google approved can generate high volumes of traffic to the web business site.

Google Gadgets may be simple code pieces that webmasters can personally structure to suit their web business site for a more dynamic website. These codes can be applied in the links and signatures on the web for a proper identification and functioning. Gadgets that have been created for a website would function to update it as well. It only takes one gadget to manage all social networks of a business to reflect any change of information or offering continually. This automatic application provides further ease to webmasters to have more time for other business matters.

Combined Benefits and Effects

With a stronger emphasis on social media marketing approaches today, modern businesses are engaging the latest social media marketing tools and resources to attract more customers. Every business website requires a constant increase of web traffic to generate higher sales and bottom line as the number of social media users increases over the years.

Today, hundreds of social media sites are available to market a business in any industry on a local or global sphere. Such environments provide millions of potential leads to the business for survival and growth. Strong marketing strategies can spread quickly across multiple integrated social media networks with a click on the mouse.

Web business owners and markets enjoy savings on time, cost and effort in marketing their offerings on the Internet to large volumes of potential customers. This is possible with Open Social and Google Gadgets which ensure a continual functioning of the marketing campaign to achieve the stated goals and objectives.

Open Social and Google Gadgets apps are very user friendly to allow online marketers a quick learning on their features that would be helpful in any business marketing effort.
Google gadgets can be easily added to blogs and web pages to be effective marketing components. There are a wide variety of Google Gadgets to choose from to be placed on any website depending on the marketer’s online marketing strategy. Most experienced bloggers are familiar with Followers, About Me and Blog Archive gadgets which are default gadgets installed for any blog.

The market offers thousands of gadgets every day with Google adding a long list of gadgets which can be used anywhere. Google Gadgets are new with sophisticated, extensive programming interface for greater flexibility and dynamism when manipulated by independent web developers.

Social media marketing is now more vibrant with Google Gadgets and Open Social used in tandem. Google Gadgets and Open Social from Google can boost brand and image successfully and quite effortlessly if the right components are manipulated properly. Success can be in sight when the right gadgets are selected to manage and activate the diverse marketing operations for a business. One Google Gadget is sufficient to interact with multiple social networks via an Open Social app. The time is shortened in marketing efforts to focus on the more important aspects of business such as new products and services.

Google Gadgets combined with Open Social proves to be ideal in connecting all social media networks of a business with a continual update to ensure the latest information received by web viewers or visitors.

How Google AdWords Can Help Your Internet Marketing Strategy

Internet marketing is an important facet in running an online business. Just like conventional marketing, it allows you to promote your business to your target audience. There are many internet marketing strategies that you can use in order to get more traffic to your site but if you want to make sure that you convert some of that traffic into sales, then you should use programs like Google Adwords.

What Is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is a program from Google that allows you to get targeted hits to your website. This means that this program increases the likelihood of your site from converting many sales from your traffic. When using Google Adwords, you can place a bid on your advertisements and spend on a pay-per-click basis.

In order to get targeted traffic to your site, you need to use the right keywords in order to make your Adword campaign successful. In fact, if you know how to carry out this campaign, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of using Adwords for a long time.

What To Consider Before Running Google Adwords?

Before running this particular internet marketing campaign, it is crucial that you consider several things first. Different online entrepreneurs have different goals when implementing their internet marketing campaigns. Moreover, while Google Adwords is a great way to drive traffic and convert sales to your site, not all internet marketers have a use for it. Therefore, it is important to ask the following things before running Google Adwords:

  • What do you want your prospective clients to do? As mentioned earlier, different online entrepreneurs have different marketing goals thus you have to determine what is it that you want your clients to do for you. For instance, you can use Google Adwords to lead your clients to your sales letter page or be directed to the actual product itself.
  • How much are you willing to spend? Take note that Google Adwords is a pay-per-click program which means that you only pay every successful click or conversion that you client makes. Fortunately, this particular program is very versatile as it allows you to set a limit to the amount that you are only willing to pay for the program.
  • What keywords should you bid on? Another important thing to consider before launching your Google Adwords campaign is your keyword. Selecting a group of keywords  is very important but make sure that your keywords are relevant to your website. On the other hand, it is also important that you understand that for every keyword bid that you make in Google, it comes with a  particular bid amount. The more popular your keyword phrases are, the more likely that you have to pay whenever your client makes a successful transaction.

Common Google Adwords Mistake

Using Google Adwords together with your other internet marketing strategy is a very viable form of marketing. However, people should be careful when implementing this particular program. Unfortunately, committing mistakes in implementing Google Adwords often result in you wasting too much of your time, effort and money. It is therefore important to understand the common Google Adwords mistake.

  • The use of inappropriate keywords. Keywords are very important in driving traffic to your site. Using the right keywords can get you a lot of traffic as well as volume searches. It is important to take note that most of your prospects type in general keywords thus you can use general keyword phrases in order for the search engine and your prospects to see your ad.
  • Using few ads. When setting up this particular campaign, you can actually make as many groups of ads that you like despite your budget. It is important that you make at least 10 ads and test them to see whether they are working or not. Using a few ads does not allow you to see whether they are unproductive or not.
  • Using too many keywords. Google Adwords allow you to associate your ad with a lot of keywords. In fact, there are more than a hundred keywords that you can bid on to relate to your site. However, make sure that all of the keywords that you are going to use are relevant to your site. Although you can use a hundred or more keywords, it is crucial that you just bid on 10 keywords for each ad that you are running. By doing so, you can easily monitor which sets of keywords are doing well for your ads.
  • Not directing your customer to the right site. Whenever a prospect clicks on your ad, they expect to be directed to your landing page or sales page but what happens if they are directed to another website that does not involve your products? You will have paid Google for the successful click but you end up losing a prospective customer.
  • Failure to monitor Adwords performance. Another mistake internet marketers make is the failure to check the results. When signing up for Google Adwords, you will also be given an account where you can view the performance of your keywords. Not using that platform to check the performance of your ads and keywords will only lead to you making the wrong conclusions. Moreover, by monitoring the performance of your keywords, you will be able to make important decisions on which keywords to retain and which ones you should remove.
  • Not using the Quality Score. Google Adwords offer a very convenient feature called the Quality Score. This is a rank assigned by Google to the keywords associated to your ad.  The rank varies on the successful clicks that are done by your prospects. Not paying attention to the quality score often results in a low successful click-through rates.

Google Adwords can be a very effective tool to make your ads more visible to your prospective clients but before you consider this particular program, it is important that you learn about this


How to make money with Google? Four ways!

Everywhere you go people are talking about making money on Google. Make money on Google? Really? How? Well there are 4 main ways to use Google to make you money. One thing is for sure, when people talk about making money on Google, it isn’t Google who is going to pay you money for work, but it is you create a solid business by utilizing Google and the existing traffic that flows within Google’s internet empire every single day. Here are the few ways you can use Google to earn you a full time income from home.

Google’s Free Blogs – Blogger.

One of the most fundamental ways to use Google to make money online is to take advantage of their free blogs known as Blogger. Make no mistake about it; Blogger is normally used by internet marketer to create websites for themselves for free. Now how do you make money from these blogs that you create for yourself?

There are plenty of ways and one of them is to actually use the blogs to promote affiliate products or you can use it as a real blog where you will update it often and then monetize it using ads, banners or even selling affiliate products. Google’s Blogger is one of the best places for anyone to go and create a website for themselves the easiest way and of cost it is free. These two benefits are why most of the people who use blogger to host their sites are newbies or those who are not technically savvy.

Google Adsense.

When you have a blog or a website of your own then what? Most people who have a reasonable amount of great content and traffic that goes to their site will go about using Google’s Adsense Ads and place them on their site traffic. The best thing about using Google’s AdSense Ads to monetize your site is that it involves no selling. All you have to do it to place your ads on the right spot on your website and you are pretty much good to go on your earnings.

Now with Google’s AdSense, you will earn a small commission every single time the traffic that are on your site clicks on a Google Adsense Ad. What you need to do next is to ensure that the ads are relevant to your website’s niche or topic so that your site traffic will be interested in your ads and click on them. There are specific ways to play your ads and the positions can determine the amount of ‘Click through rate’ that you get on the Adsense Ads that you place.

Some experts will want to make sure that your ads do not stand out and scream ‘I Am An Ad’ to your site visitors. Instead the correct way to do thing is to actually make sure that your ad blends in with your site (pictures, text, links, etc.) so that people will not be reluctant to click on your ads. Another great tip for AdSense users it that they should always try to be in a niche where the click price is high. The higher the click price the more commissions you will earn per clicks. Therefore a great way for you to actually make more money out of your efforts is to choose the right niche with high paying AdSense keywords. However you will need to take competitors and traffic volume into consideration as well.

Google Adwords.

Google Adwords is a great PPC platform that you can use to make money online. This is because Google Adwords is where you can buy very target traffic for your offers. The bad news is, Google no longer accepts Adwords users that promote affiliate offers. This is a big letdown to a lot of affiliate out there and when Google decided to implement this rule a few years ago; many affiliate marketers literally went out of business overnight.

Now with that said, if you still have a Google Adwords Account that works, you should use it for legitimate promotion of your own product. Google Adwords can quickly get you the best traffic you can get and you will be able promote your own products with ease. Sales and conversions will always be optimized so if you can optimize your ad campaign properly (higher CTR and better keyword bidding strategies) you will always find yourself in the profit zone.

SEO On Google.

Another great way to get traffic from Google is to try and get your site to the top of the search engine rankings. This is commonly known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization). When you are able to get to the first page of Google, you will be able to enjoy free targeted traffic from Google’s search engine. This is worth a lot of money so if you have SEO skills and know how to get sites to the first page of Google, you won’t have to worry if you will ever go hungry online. The demand on this topic is very high and it pays to have skills in search engine optimization.

All in all these are the few main ways on how you can use Google to make money online. Note that Google itself is not the full solution. You might need to pair them up like bloggers with Adsense. Blogger by itself is nothing but a free blog and Adsense is merely a way for site owners to monetize their site. Adwords is a platform that gets you free traffic and if you combine the right elements to with Google you will be in business.