SEO Tips for Video Marketing

If you know anything at all about online marketing, you know that search engine optimization (SEO) is an important component of any internet marketing strategy. When you optimize your website properly, you increase the chances that your page will appear high on a list of search results, which in turn makes it more likely that customers searching your keywords will end up on your website.

Creating a short and compelling marketing video is a great idea for any business, but in order to get the best return on your investment, you will need to optimize your videos. Every piece of content you create should be geared toward promoting your business and improving your search results.

The good news is that, unlike some other elements of SEO, optimizing a marketing video is actually fairly easy. Here are some SEO Tips for Video Marketing to help you:

  1. Put your target keyword in the file name of your video. Google’s search engines give the most weight to keywords which appear in prominent places (titles, URLs, etc.) so do yourself a favor and put your main keyword in your file name. The file name becomes part of your URL, so you’re killing two birds with one stone.
  1. Include your primary keywords in your script. Don’t overdo it, but choose one or two keywords that you want to optimize for, and use them in an organic way. Since you want to target “local” consumers, be sure to include the city/state with your keywords.
  1. Make sure your video content is relevant to your customers. Search engine algorithms aren’t only concerned with keywords – your content must be useful and relevant as well.
  1. Don’t just put your video on your website – share it other places, too. When you post it on YouTube and your social media sites, you increase its visibility.
  1. When you post your video on other sites, make sure to include your chosen keyword in the meta description of the video.
  1. Allow your video to be rated on YouTube. If it receives high ratings, it will be more visible to search engines and can also help to encourage viewers to share your video.
  1. When you post the video on your page, include a written transcript of it beneath the video. Not only will this give you another mention of your primary keyword, it may also help you to increase conversions.
  1. Add an RSS feed for your videos. This will ensure that your customers can subscribe to be informed of new content, and it will also make it easier for search engines to index your site.
  1. Have a separate landing page for each video on your site. Search engines can read individual pages more easily, and having multiple videos on one page can be confusing for viewers, too.
  1. Make it possible for other people to embed your video on their sites. When you do that, you encourage sharing and also increase the chances you will get relevant inbound links – a must for SEO.


If you follow these SEO Tips for Video Marketing, your marketing videos will help improve your search rankings and ultimately increase revenue.

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SEO Trends That Will Dominate in 2015

SEO made easy...coming soon....The world watches in great anticipation over the development of SEO trends that come through progressive technologies which would most definitely impact the market. Every business today is clamoring to know the latest trends of SEO and marketing for the best of marketing edge in their marketing endeavors for higher gains and market prominence.

Traditional marketing strategies have been quickly replaced by dynamic SEO options that boost marketing strategies to drive more traffic to the web business sites. Market experts are forecasting various SEO Trends That Will Dominate in 2015.

Greater Demand on Quality Content

It is foreseen that search engine optimization would hold a greater impact on content in 2015 where greater efforts would be implemented to generate higher quality content on Internet marketing. Content marketing would be viewed as a primary component of search engine rankings with SEO being a powerful alliance through the implementation of appropriate Meta tags, indexing, links and keyword research.

Businesses would continue to deploy quality content with SEO components that would bring them more benefits in terms of higher sales and profits as well as market visibility and credibility that would attract the favor of top search engines.

Greater Demand on Optimized Websites

The trend that is in motion in 2015 is the greater optimization of websites through the relentless efforts of top search engines like Google that keep changing their search algorithms to be more stringent in procedures and protocols. There is an increasing emphasis on incorporating the latest technologies into websites and Internet marketing strategies such as mobile marketing since the emergence of mobile technology into the market.

Websites that are not optimized to handle mobile marketing would stand to fail in today’s market where mobile ready websites are braced for market changes. This includes the increasing number of mobile users in the market manipulating the Internet via their mobile phones and mobile devices through the increasing number of mobile apps available.

Top search engines are evaluating websites based on their capacity to handle mobile marketing strategies before awarding high rankings; and businesses are well aware of the fact that high SERPs draw more traffic to their websites. It is crucial for such businesses to embrace mobile technology and optimize their websites as part of the SEO trends in the current day market.

This leads on to the manipulation of long tail keyword searches with mobile users using voice searches over text searches. More dynamic SEO marketing strategies are in store to ease consumer inconveniences that would generate more sales for higher profits.

Greater Branding Activities

The availability of more dynamic technologies and marketing solutions would encourage a greater number of branding exercises through the use of links. Top search engines like Google are emphasizing on clear and proper brand citations using links. Higher rankings are accorded to web pages that abide by the search engines’ rules and preferences.

Hence, businesses in 2015 would augur well with more branding citations that are executed in timely and proper structures to enhance their rankings on SERPs. Such marketing approaches also serve to build the market presence of the brand and business more quickly in greater strength.

Good branding activities are part of a modern SEO trend to boost the brand and business in the market with quality content constantly created in brand and product promotion. Humanizing brands with the right marketing strategy works to help increase the market visibility and have the brand stand out in the intense competition. However, top SEO trends would require extra effort in establishing strong customer relationships besides quality content and branding activities.

Greater Emphasis on Social Signals

There are no shortcuts to successful SEO implementation for a successful business in any industry with new technologies rolling out advanced and dynamic marketing solutions and tools to equip small to large businesses. The playing field in the market is very level for all participants who make the effort in providing their brand choices in the best marketing environment and approach for an easy taking by consumers.

SEO services must be well positioned and emphasized among the online social circles to draw in more traffic to the web business sites. The increasing emphasis on social signals yields to better rankings by top search engines to attract more web consumers as potential business leads. Businesses are learning the online social ropes to be more visible on various social platforms that are frequented by millions of potential customers.

Facebook and Twitter marketing help improve search engine rankings for businesses that want more organic traffic to their websites. This in turn leads to higher click-through rates and better sales conversion rates for more sales and profit.  Hence, social signals are bound to play a more significant role in search engine ranking algorithms this year.

Retail to e-commerce and m-commerce

The rapid changes to technologies today are quickly changing the way businesses are operated on from simple on-site retail to online e-commerce. This shift in business trend is quick with more companies catching the benefits of SEO e-commerce marketing where even established multi-national brands are clamoring for to enjoy a bigger market share.

However, with the fast pace of technologies and market trends happening nowadays, it would not be surprising that businesses employing e-commerce may not have time to warm up before transiting to m-commerce. Handheld devices such as mobile phones and mobile devices are very light, portable and dynamic with a host of exciting functions to delight consumers. Online sales are increasing through m-commerce as more consumers manipulate mobile devices more frequently in their daily exploits especially for those on the go.

Sophisticated mobile devices are impacting consumer behavior, including purchasing patterns where more value is added to how sales are to be performed. Dynamic mobile apps are readily available to allow web consumers to compare desired products and services before making an online purchase with safe online payment protocols incorporated.


SEO trends that will dominate 2015 may be plenty with many coming at lightning speed to take many businesses unaware if they are not alert. Business owners and marketers need to stay in top condition with changing technologies and consumer demands to stay relevant in the market.

Search engine optimization is popularly embraced by modern online businesses to take advantage of the benefits of advanced marketing techniques and strategies on the Internet. This leads to the choice of on-page or off-page SEO options to enhance market presence and visibility for the brand and business.

Comparing On-page and Off-page SEO

Marketers and webmasters need to know and understand the similarities and differences between on-page SEO and off-page SEO to apply each appropriately to their web business sites that would enhance the business and brand for a greater market impact.

A well developed on-page SEO tactic is powerful to the business branding and visibility in the market. It centers on the content which is unique, relevant and valuable. The unique content must also contain rich keywords without spamming in a density of 2-4%.

The selected keywords or key phrases should be found on the title page or post with links to web pages for a direct lead to the desired website for interested potential leads or niche market traffic.

An off-page SEO encompasses backlinks to the web business site from high ranking or well established websites in the market. This form of ‘piggyback’ marketing technique is dynamic to lure more targeted traffic to the web business site that would benefit the business. Marketers could also search out and collaborate with target sites that are popular on the Internet to generate backlinks.

This is where innovative and aggressive marketers would put in extra effort in building up strong relationships with other parties such as bloggers and site or product review professionals who would write supportive articles about the brand or business offerings. There could be a mutual interaction between the two parties where supportive comments are left along with the website address for an easy reference to interested web consumers or potential business leads.

Web Hosting with On-page and Off-page SEO

Once the choices of SEO are rightly understood, the marketer is better equipped to select the best of web hosting services from the myriad of web hosting service providers in the market. There are plenty of professional web hosting service providers on the Internet offering a wide array of attractive and dynamic web hosting packages that encompass on-page SEO or/and off-page SEO marketing tactics depending on the business goals and objectives of the business owners or marketers.

Choosing the right SEO web hosting service package could be a daunting task for any modern business owner or marketer who wants value for their money and business objectives. Superior web hosting services include the best of uptimes and optimized websites using relevant on-page or off-page SEO techniques.

The choice of SEO practices could well impact the website ranking of web business sites by search engines as online business owners and marketers apply the best of marketing methods and strategies. A higher web traffic volume is desired from their choice to improve sales and profits for the brand or business.

Website hosting with on-page SEO techniques would accommodate changes made on a web page based on the specific SEO intent. This would include the use of title tags, links and keywords or phrases in the content and webpage. There may be a need to analyze the best of keywords for on-page SEO tactics to enjoy higher web traffic from higher page rankings by search engines.

Web hosting with off-page SEO techniques incorporates SEO practices that would push the webpage ranking higher through other avenues. This action is not attempted on the actual web business site, but through backlinks on other supportive websites such as article directories, blog sites and other business websites.

Comments could be made on these supportive websites with a backlink that would direct traffic to the primary or targeted website of the business for higher sales conversion and business reputation. Reciprocal links are also part of off-page SEO practice which both parties could benefit.

An on-page SEO hosting service of the website is easy and fast in its setup compared to its counterpart. Off-page SEO hosting could take months in implementation with the search and identification of appropriate and collaborative websites in the market that would benefit the brand and business. An online business website would require dynamic and knowledgeable online marketers to be hired in executing such on-page or off-page SEO tasks with relevant web hosting commitments from market professionals.

Special Benefit of SEO Web Hosting

One of the best beneficiaries of SEO web hosting is small and new businesses that are readily equipped with the necessary cost effective online marketing tools required minus the high cost of technical professionals.

The decision between on-page and off-page SEO web hosting lies solely with the web business owner or marketer who is familiar with the business goals and objectives as well as available resources and finances to boost the business development in the best of paths in the market. Different choices require different amount of time and effort in embracing professional web hosting to meet business targets and milestones in set time frames.

The market offers a myriad of SEO web hosting packages that contain on-page or off-page SEO practices while customized packages that include both could be accommodated depending on the business needs and hire.

It is the business marketers’ call on either on-page or off-page SEO to increase their web business site’s ranking. Top search engines are continuously seeking useful and authoritative websites that would benefit their search users who are looking for high quality content that is relevant and benefiting.


A business on the Internet today could gain quite a bit of mileage in the market with the application of on-page SEO or off-page SEO web hosting approaches depending on the business goals and objectives set.

A good understanding of these SEO practices would help marketers and business owners in deciding the best choice in promoting their web business site in drawing niche markets for higher sales and profits.

A marketer could decide to implement both SEO options in a creative and dynamic way to promote the website for greater gains.

What is Reverse SEO?

I Hear People Talking About Reverse SEO? What Is It?

The emerging technologies in the marketplace today bring on dynamic marketing approaches to benefit the business owner or marketer. This includes not only search engine optimization or SEO but also reverse SEO. Every business today wants its website to be highly ranked by top or popular search engines in a relevant search exercise.

This search engine optimization approach has quickly enticed more and more modern business owners and marketers to capitalize on its benefits such as higher SERPs and more traffic.

However, reverse SEO seems to be emerging in the market as a preferred marketing approach that would also influence popular or top search engines in the SERP listings. This would require the input of positive company information that augurs well with search engine spiders for a higher listing in search results.

Reverse SEO on Business Reputation

Every business in the market today is jumping onto the Internet bandwagon that is proving to be a dynamic marketing platform in promoting the business branding and products or services. However, a business reputation comprises several factors at play.

Besides good search engine rankings in search result listing, the business’s market reputation is also dependent on customer and product reviews as well as online forum chats and market reports. These sources are highly influential in promoting the brand or business in the eyes of consumers to visit the web business site. Forum chats, online comments and tweets could go viral on social media in a matter of minutes either on a positive or negative note.

Reverse SEO comes in handy as an effective ‘fire fighting’ method in combating negative comments about the company or brand by disgruntled users or unprofessional competitors. Such a marketing approach offers both strengths and weaknesses to the company’s marketing endeavors; the final outcomes depend on how well the marketer understands reverse SEO to manipulate it aptly for the best results.

Reverse SEO could tune out certain constructive criticisms which could prove helpful to companies in enhancing their service or product quality. Positive spins are generated to dispel or counter the negative aura sown from various quarters.

It is a known fact that unscrupulous companies employ black hat SEO practices such as scams, biased reviews, skewed online forums and paid social media advertising to promote their company or wares. Web sites may be generated by professionals to highlight the products or services in a good light without any negative information. This is to draw in more traffic with a rosy picture painted about the branding and business.

These are known as ineffective SEO techniques where only praises abound for the brand and business. Web users today are wiser and more discerning towards such bias business information to note its poor marketing approach.

Effects of Reverse SEO

Reverse SEO is an old marketing trick that has now been repackaged to cater to the new marketing platform of the Internet. As the Internet sees a growing increase in the number of web consumers on a daily basis, a strong public opinion about the brand or business must be construed to impress potential business leads with a flood of positive opinions concerning the brand and business. This in turn attracts more potential leads to benefit the company as the herd mentality comes into play.

Modern web consumers must be alert to the emerging online marketing strategies such as reverse SEO that many desperate companies are adopting today to boost their business reputation and market presence for their brand and business offerings. Reverse SEO strategies manipulate the mindset of unsuspecting web consumers with an implication of quality products and services that are highly favored by the market; however, the opposite is true.

Unless the web consumers check on the company establishment in the marketplace, they would be likely taken in to join the supposedly growing crowd of supporters. This online scam in establishing the business reputation and product’s popularity becomes more aggressive where the lie becomes the truth; and over time, it would be hard to distinguish the former from the latter as the actual guidelines would have been so blurred for any differentiation.

It is crucial for web consumers to stay alert to the changing dynamics of online marketing with reverse SEO practices growing rampant. More scams are likely as the Internet expands its boundaries and scope of features. Web consumers need to verify all business information on any website to ensure authenticity before participating in any promotions or purchases.

Aggressive marketers would react immediately to any negative results displayed on the first page of SERPs to counter the effects quickly before potential leads and existing customers are impacted by such negative news. They engage reverse SEO quickly to push back the negative news by flooding the Internet with positive news that would quickly clamor on to the first page of search results.

Reverse SEO works to push down negative search results, especially when these are posted on the first page of SERPs. Negative search results are pushed down to the infrequently viewed third page through a flooding of the Internet with positive feedback and reviews that would be picked up by search engines for a re-ranking.

Application of Reverse SEO

Aggressive businesses apply reverse SEO to counter negative publicity on their brand and offers. For an effective reverse SEO application, marketers need to research to understand the depth of their business problem.

Business information is handled wisely with great discretion through a structured dissemination strategy over long periods to establish truths and relevancy. This would improve the company reputation with hired hands posting more positive than negative comments on forums. Negative comments are usually mild and pre-determined with dynamic solutions and answers from professional hires of company executives and industry experts.

Authentic companies need to know how to apply reverse SEO professionally and appropriately if necessary. This is the better way in responding to criticism which could be avenues for improvement instead of adopting a defensive attitude and action. Unprofessional reverse SEO is likened to sweeping the dirt and dust under the carpet instead of performing a clear cleanup that benefits the company.

Top SEO Trends That Will Rule in 2015

Modern businesses are looking forward to the New Year 2015 in full anticipation of the best marketing tools and resources to be made available through emerging technologies. Having experienced the benefits of search engine optimization in the past decade, more demands and higher expectations are in the pipeline with advanced SEO offerings.

The dynamic evolution of SEO is poised to impact businesses in every arena of life since the Google algorithm updates. It is likely that greater enhancements on SEO in businesses are expected with a combination of other potentially dynamic marketing strategies such as digital and mobile marketing.

There is also no ruling out of synergizing with social media marketing for a greater impact on generating the best potential leads. From the market point of view, the primary business shapers are namely the SEO analyst, content marketing expert and social media specialist.

A more vibrant and dynamic business game plan is expected to be laid out for any modern business to be successful in 2015 when the right Top SEO trends are adopted.

Dominating Top SEO Trends

There may be various SEO trends which may dominate the market in 2015. Business owners and marketers are keen to discover these trends quickly for an immediate adoption to stay ahead of the competition. Business experts and the SEO analysts are still evaluating the market progress with emerging technologies that display potential marketing tools and resources to benefit different types of business online and offline.

From the current marketing solutions and tools available, businesses have caught on the success path of being technically correct using SEO with high quality content marketing strategies to enhance search rankings to boost web traffic, sales conversions and bottom lines.

It is expected that SEO would continue to dominate the market in 2015 with better enhancements on technical elements that involve keyword research, Meta tags and white hat SEO approaches. Indexing issues are likely to be minimized with advanced technologies and tools to enhance SEO activities for the business website.

Content marketing is expected to grow stronger as the backbone on better search visibility for the business with quality content and cost effective SEO approaches.

Trend 1 – Building Up Relational Marketing

One of the potential SEO trends in 2015 is the emphasis on strong relations with customers and potential leads to boost the business market position and presence. Marketing strategies in 2015 would concentrate on humanizing the brand while enhancing the image through better customer services and user friendly websites that would encourage more traffic.

Although technical features are still instrumental in the setting up of the business website, a personal touch in business paves the way to success more readily and easily. The competition increases in the market when businesses compete with better customer services and user friendly features that attract the approval of consumers.

Relational strategies would take precedence in 2015 as one of the top 4 SEO trends that must be engaged by businesses, small or big, in all industries to establish their market presence and position. More relational marketing strategies are likely to be generated to capture the attention of targeted audiences for a larger market share. This would involve blog marketing campaigns, social media network’s participation and constant customer interaction via online and off-site channels.

Businesses that wish to succeed in 2015 must be transparent to their customers while being open to receive feedback and suggestions for improvement. This approach would draw in business prospects who feel valued when their feedback is well received. Business owners and marketers need to adopt a ‘people-based’ approach in 2015 with a stronger awareness towards social media reviews and ratings that give a strong indication of their market performance and ranking by top search engines.

Trend 2- Implementing a Mobile-optimized Web site

With the growing importance of mobile technology today, it is envisaged that mobile-based marketing would most likely impact businesses in every aspect. Top search engines are already shifting forward to mobile-optimized websites which can reach out to millions of consumers in a matter of seconds with more consumers carrying an advanced mobile device with them all the time.

A mobile-optimized website for a business would prove beneficial to connect to potential customers with mobile phones and other mobile devices. Businesses that jump onto this trend are likely to retain their customers as updates are immediate with faster responses from customers and potential leads.

Trend 3 – Greater Emphasis on Social Signals

As social media networks have become more dominate in the marketplace today, there would be further manipulations with social media marketing features; one of which is the social signals that would benefit businesses when they are properly manipulated.

Link building and spamming activities are likely to give way to social signals that can impact businesses on a larger scale that is favorable in boosting the brand, image and bottom line. It is expected that top social media networking sites such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter would play a more prominent role in sending social signals that would benefit businesses which interpret these signals accurately.

Improved ranking algorithms are likely to boost the strong social signals that would flow through the market to send businesses fluttering. These activities would increase search engine ranking for the web business site as well as up the click-through rate when the web business page is positioned high on the results page of top search engines.

Trend 4 – Better Content to Inform and to Entertain

It would not be all business in 2015 when modern consumers want more than parting with their hard earned money in sales and purchases. Businesses tomorrow must put in extra effort in attracting the right audience to boost their market presence and brand with higher quality content that not only informs consumers of the business offerings but entertain consumers who may consider becoming a loyal customer.

Top search engines are also treading this path in 2015 in evaluating the quality of content that would distinguish one business site from another. Content marketing is seen to be on the rise today with a climax next year when better authoring tools and strategies are expected to emerge.