Ongoing SEO Versus Short Term SEO

It is crucial for smart businesses today to engage in ongoing SEO endeavors to enjoy long term rewards and benefits. This is not about having an optimized web business site alone, but a constantly updated website that offers useful and relevant information for customers and potential leads.

An ongoing SEO marketing campaign entails supplying fresh and updated press releases and useful articles related to the business on the web business site and interacting with customers and potential leads to maintain a strong and fruitful relationship that would boost the company’s brand, image and market presence.

It is vital for companies today to have a strong presence on the Internet via social media to maintain their web page rank and traffic levels. When SEO marketing approaches are adopted on a long term basis, the cost is lower with higher results that benefit the business. An SEO campaign that is continually tweaked and adapted to the market demands and trends would ensure the business continuity in the marketplace.

The ROI of the business is sure to increase with optimal rewards and favorable success in the industry. An ongoing SEO marketing campaign need not be fueled by professional SEO service providers all the time to cut down marketing costs. Once the basic SEO marketing features have implemented well, the maintenance can be undertaken by the company’s in-house SEO team. This would include article marketing, email marketing and social media networking to keep drawing in traffic and sales.

The Better Marketing Approach

SEO is a powerful tool for businesses that understand its power and dynamics. It is not a one-off task with a website set up to draw in traffic and boost sales. Good understanding of SEO empowers the business owners or marketers to build a strong market presence and leave their competition behind.

Some work of research is required to understand what SEO entails and to appreciate its wide scope of features that benefits a business. It involves the understanding of valid codes to use in building the desired effective web business sites using the best of keywords and titles. However, these are only the basic foundation of SEO marketing campaign approaches. More dynamics are needed to be incorporated for a full flow of rewards of the business as it continues to engage SEO features as long as it desires to stay relevant in the marketplace.

A long term or ongoing SEO marketing campaign must be carefully planned to be successful with rewards reaped continually. An optimized website for a business is usually the first step in an SEO based marketing plan to boost traffic and bottom line.

Outsourced or In-house Experts

It is possible to hire outside SEO experts to engage in an ongoing SEO endeavor for the company that recognizes its significant role and impact on the business. Many companies may not have the time or expertise in utilizing SEO approaches in their marketing plan, but there are plenty of SEO experts available in the market to assist companies in staying competitive.

Outsourced SEO expertise brings a host of benefits with their latest SEO skills and resources through their in-depth experience in ensuring an optimized business website. This would set the business web pages on a higher rank by popular search engines in search result pages. These SEO experts are well versed with the changing demands of top search engines search and page ranking algorithms to execute a more effective website quickly. They can offer a wide range of services that include on-page optimization, off-page optimization, link building, article marketing, consulting and SEO training. These outsourced SEO service providers can also maintain the SEO marketing campaign of the company, according to the business goals and objectives with a fee.

However, in-house ongoing SEO teams are also growing popular amongst modern companies that may not have a big budget. These companies may get the best of both worlds by having their in-house SEO teams trained by outsourced SEO companies to maintain SEO activities on a long term basis.

In-house SEO teams are required to stay alert to the market trends and demands on Short Term SEO as progressive technologies bring on emerging sophisticated SEO solutions that could spike traffic and sales for the company. Such teams must be full time on hands to pick up the best of Short Term SEO features and solutions that must be implemented to stay ahead of their competitors.

Tips to Improve SEO Rankings Through Google Caffeine

Google has become a well-respected search engine on the Internet to be a leading search engine tool that brings on a host of exciting promises to enhance its search results. It is expected to improve its search speed and accuracy with a longer and wider search range to the delight of users.

Such improvements from Google would trigger off the best of SEO strategies for generating enhanced websites to attract more traffic and widen market presence. A list of 10 potential tips on improving SEO rankings is offered through Google Caffeine for any modern business to succeed in the marketplace today.

1) Site Expansion

It is important for any web business to have a strong market presence to be considered an authority in their industry or domain to influence others. This establishment in the marketplace is crucial to Google Caffeine in evaluating the website for a better SEO ranking. Every business on the Internet today needs to consider effective and efficient marketing strategies and dynamic modus operandi that would expand its market presence. Google Caffeine would then be able to secure a bigger index capability on the website. This means that a bigger website secures a greater control on the preferred Page Rank accorded by Google.

2) Site Enhancement

Besides increasing the size of the web business site, it is also important to spice up the website in several ways and aspects to have it stand out in the crowd. The distinct uniqueness of the website is always a crowd-puller with curious seekers looking for something new and unique.

A blog with interesting content is an excellent way to enhance the website quickly. Top search engines like Google are also drawn to these websites which are noted as innovative and creative. Google Caffeine has been specially designed to identify the best of the best of content in terms of relevancy and originality.

Exciting blog posts with fresh content that benefits readers are effective in getting Google to take notice of the website to boost its market presence with a better SERP.

3) Site Attraction

The market competition is extremely intense and high with more and more web businesses being set up every day in all industries. Companies need to work doubly hard and smart in keeping current customers while attracting new ones to grow their database. This is where the web business site must continually be updated with new and delightful articles to keep attracting traffic.

A regular posting of high quality articles on the blog page or website is imperative to a consistent high traffic volume that works to boost sales conversion and bottom line. Google is compelled to visit the web page more frequently due to the constantly different offerings posted. As Google indexes the webpage frequently, updated information would be received by the fans more quickly with a more efficient access to searches on desired content through Google’s enhanced search capabilities.

4) Site Manipulation

Online businesses today have a myriad of options to boost their SEO ranking. The emergence of Twitter is a strong influence to boost the SEO ranking of the website if the proper Twitter features are manipulated.

Sharing of quality articles through Twitter is easy and quick to reach the targeted audience for a greater marketing impact. Twitter results can be readily integrated with Google on search queries. A lot of webmasters are manipulating Twitter to boost their market presence and credibility on their Twitter posts for a better SEO ranking via Google Caffeine.

This is an extremely effective manipulation tool that would benefit the web business site dynamically.

5) Site Indulgence

Smart, modern businesses today would seek the latest tools and resources that would boost their online presence and page ranking. One of these effective resources is social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

Google seeks out fresh and quality content by exploring social media networking sites to rank the website pages. Innovative webmasters who release more content on social networking sites are attracting Google to improve their web page ranking while traffic is improved in flow volume.

6) Site Efficiency

A business website can be improved to become more efficient through enhanced article titles with efficient keyword phrases. Google Caffeine is designed to seek and match these titles with relevant keyword strings to improve the website ranking. A higher ranking is accorded when the title contains exact wordings for a particular topic. This would require longer titles to achieve the desired effects.

7) Site Updates

A higher SEO ranking through Google Caffeine can be secured through more frequent updates on the targeted website. This means title tags, Meta description tags and click-through-rates are now updated at faster speeds to be more visible on Google. Instead of weeks, updates can be executed within a day to enable a more efficient testing on titles and Meta tags for better SEO rankings.

8) Site Blogging

Building up the domain authority or market reputation is easy when webmasters provide quality blogs with good links from a solid collaboration with high ranking or market reputed sites. Quality articles that are posted on personal blogs, other blogs and business blog sites are effective in spreading the word about the expertise of the webmaster.

With every blog posted in other relevant and high ranking site, backlinks can be generated to attract more traffic to the web business site while appearing high in Google’s indexing scope for a higher SERP.

9) Site Performance

A website performance must be continuously enhanced whether through a reliable hosting company or personally. An excellent website uptime for high accessibility is crucial to secure high SEO rankings as Google checks this as part of its evaluation.

A website can be improved in speed performance with higher quality coding, smaller images, enhanced videos and graphics to enjoy faster download time.

10) Site Involvement

More of everything that benefits the website in higher SEO rankings through Google Caffeine is the call of the day with progressive technologies that bring in a host of tools and resources. Google Caffeine can find, index and present original content quickly to audiences on the web which spurs business decisions and actions not to be left behind in the intense competition.

SEO TIPS for Local Businesses

SEO TIPS for Local Businesses

Two Founding Factors for Great SEO

Have you struggled with bringing in highly qualified leads and the best targeted traffic to your website? SEO is a science and an art.

The science part of it involves keyword research and analysis; this will help you figure out what your best prospective customers are searching for.

The art part of it is creating content that draws in the best visitors through the search engines.

SEO TIPS for Local BusinessesKeyword research and analysis can be complicated, and it involves auditing your site, industry, and market; followed by the proper use of the bevy of free and paid keyword research tools out there.

Once you have identified the best keywords to focus on, it’s time to create content structured around those keywords.  But beware: Google doesn’t like content that is rehashed, spun, and scraped from other websites. In fact, all of the major search engines like unique, custom content, and they like to reward authority sources with the best search engine rankings.

As a business owner who may not have the time to keep up with the exhaustive and ever-changing SEO techniques, this could seem like a very daunting and confusing task.

It does take a lot of time, skills, and energy to consistently produce high-quality, original content. If you do not personally have to time to do it, it still should not be ignored.

A content marketing expert can take care of this entire process for you; furthermore, they know how to use videos, images, and text to create inclusive, compelling content that will bring in search engine visitors month after month – turning your site into the local authority hub in your industry.

Solid Tips for Optimizing Your Website

If you’re having trouble drawing in customers from every area that your business serves, it is time for you to develop a better local SEO strategy.

As a small business owner, you have to learn to attract prospects from every town, city, and area that your business serves. One smart way you can do this is by making a webpage for each location.

If your business serves multiple areas, or if you have several stores, creating a page for each physical location is the way to go. Putting up a page for each location on your website will help bring in search engine visitors who are searching with their city, town, or area in the keyword phrase.

Having separate location pages with targeted title tags, descriptions, and content is essential to drawing in these hot potential leads.

However, be sure not to optimize too much because as a result, you’ll end up getting less traffic. If it looks like you’re over-optimizing a whole set of “doorway” pages, your whole site could get penalized.

Merely creating sites for each physical location is fine, but the line between optimizing and over-optimizing is very thin if you’re not careful.

Crafting great content with good location-based keyword phrases is a must; but the content should flow in a way that reads naturally for the best results.

How to Get Ultimate Local Exposure Online

What does it mean to get an “Internet presence” for your business? Does it mean you have a website for your business? Does it mean that you’re listed in the Yahoo Directory? Does it mean that your customers have reviewed your business on Yelp?

Getting a real “web presence” for your small local business is a lot more complicated than that. Unfortunately, very few small business owners know how to get their businesses noticed on the Internet.

Once you have a website online and ready to go, you need to get it listed and optimized with local listing directories and review sites.

Create and fully complete profiles on Google My Business, Bing Local, Yahoo Local, and other local listing sites. The more places your business is listed online, the more credible it looks – both to human users and the search engine spiders.

When you create local listings for your business at the major search engines and directories, you need to use your real company name and address; do not use a toll-free number or P.O. Box.

You should also remove any duplicate listings and pick the right categories to list your business in.

Also focus on getting solid NAP citations, which are “name, address, and phone number” mentions of your business in various places online.

The more citations your business has, the better chance you have of your websites and listings ranking higher. Make sure that all your citations match up exactly. Consistency is essential in this approach.

If you haven’t done so yet, focus on setting up and completing your business profiles across all the major search engines, directories, and local business sites.

Why “Social” and “Mobile” are Key in SEO

If you have a website for your local business, you’ve entered the battle for top rankings. Is your site optimized for mobile searches? Does your site have a profile on every social media network? Does your site target local keyword phrases?

Optimizing your site for mobile devices is one of the most important things any website owner can do now.  Approximately half of your customers are on their mobile devices, and the vast majority of people looking for local services use their mobile devices to search.

A responsive web design, or a mobile-friendly web design, is an essential part of winning customers in your local area. People searching for local businesses and services use their mobile devices much more than their desktop computers when they’re conducting their searches.

You can’t stop at a mobile-friendly design though. Your website has to have a strong presence on social media. If you’re still ignoring the growth and power of social media, it’s not good. Social signals now play a big role in the SEO process and helping your business get more search engine exposure.

What are social signals? Social signals are a part of the equation of what the search engines look for when they’re deciding how to rank your website. The response your content gets on social media is used to help rank your site.

So having a profile on Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook is just the beginning. Make sure you stay active and publish great content on these sites for the best results.

Two Things That Help SEO and Conversions

What is one easy way to increase prospects’ trust in your business and also rank higher in the search engines? An ongoing stream of customer reviews is an essential part of increasing your rankings, as well as getting prospects to trust your service or business.

Are you actively working to increase reviews by linking to your review profiles from your site and asking your customers to write reviews of your product or service?

You should encourage reviews whenever and wherever you can; it is good for people evaluating whether or not to do business with you. It also helps the search engines decide how honest, credible, and trustworthy your business is. Just be sure to follow each review site’s guidelines.

What about images and videos? Are you using lots of rich media to make your content better and to increase trust in your business? The more comprehensive and beautiful your content is, the more that customers will respond to it – and like it, share it, and link to it – which can improve SEO.

In other words, are you doing everything possible to increase trust and credibility in, and love for, your business? Are you going the extra mile?

The way that the search engine algorithms work nowadays is that real human responses are used in evaluating your site. So if you have a lot of customer testimonials and engaging rich media, they are definitely helping you get higher rankings.

New Google Panda Update Suspected and Confirmed

New Google Panda Update Suspected and ConfirmedAfter Panda 4.0, May 20, 2014 (7.5% of English queries were affected) a Panda Update 27 AKA Panda 4.1 was confirmed for Sept. 25, 2014 (expected 3-5% of queries were affected)

Google hasn’t confirmed a new Panda refresh earlier in the month, but signs point to one hitting on September 5th, according to Search Engine Roundtable and SEOs.

Barry Schwartz points to a post in the Google Webmaster Help forum from a webmaster whose site was hit, and shares a response he received from Google, which is standard Panda advice: “I’d recommend making sure your website has unique, compelling, and high-quality content of its own — not just content from other websites”.

Pierre Far of Google Shared publicly on Sep 25, 2014 that a Panda update was rolling out: “Earlier this week, we started a slow rollout of an improved Panda algorithm, and we expect to have everything done sometime next week”.

He continued to say: “Based on user (and webmaster!) feedback, we’ve been able to discover a few more signals to help Panda identify low-quality content more precisely. This results in a greater diversity of high-quality small- and medium-sized sites ranking higher, which is nice.”

SEO Tools Vs Human Power – Can SEO Be Automated?

SEO Tools Vs Human Power – Can SEO Be Automated?

With the rapidly advancing technologies taking center stage in the business market today, it is imperative for all businesses to adopt the latest search engine optimization tools available. SEO is now more than a buzzword amongst businesses, big or small in a local or global setting.

Businesses today need to adopt the latest SEO tools and solutions to boost their market presence and bottom lines quickly. These are the basic business tools for today’s businesses that want to stay relevant in the market and bypass the competition.

Benefits of SEO

The myriad of attractive benefits entices all modern businesses today to take on SEO in some form or another to boost market position and reputation. The large volume of profits from SEO implemented businesses attracts many business owners to indulge into its tools to propel the business forward. High ROIs are attractive in shorter timeframes to benefit business operations.

A search engine optimized web business page entices top search engines to rank it higher while drawing higher traffic volume to increase sales, market visibility and reputation in its industry. Competitors are less threatening with an SEO web business site rising above the competition. A well designed and optimized web business site is attractive and convincing to potential customers while high quality contents draw more interested buyers with a higher sales conversion rate to boost the bottom line.

Top search engines favor SEO websites with a higher page ranking that would have more web traffic directed to the targeted websites. Greater market presence is accomplished as more web visitors click on the webpage to view the myriad of products and service offerings displayed.

Ecommerce websites lure more customers with safe and secure online transaction protocols that safeguard all important customer information to prevent spam and frauds. Enhanced online shopping features on SEO websites using advanced SEO tools make online shopping more attractive and convenient for modern shoppers.

Automated SEO

Many modern day businesses are wondering if SEO can be fully automated with the advanced technologies available in this era. This would offer more time for business owners to diverge in their business processes with less effort and cost incurred. Traditional business options do not seem to be drawing the desired quantum of profit and market visibility today besides the high cost of advertising incurred. Hence, SEO tools seem to be the only way to go for a business today to move forward and stay relevant in the market. With an increasingly stiff competitive environment in the business arena, SEO seems to be the only viable solution to business today.

More and more SEO tools and options are generated to facilitate better and more efficient web business operations. Some SEO experts and professionals may recommend an autopilot or automated SEO system on the business to secure greater benefits for the business owner. An automated SEO may be possible with the relevant business objectives and goals identified and processed via proper SEO tools that are advanced features from the latest state-of-the-art technologies. A fully SEO business system may still be in the pipeline with the plethora of businesses in the market with different needs and objectives. It is still unimaginable to have one SEO solution that fits all business types today.

An automated SEO system would need to engage relevant smart features that are intelligent to make standard or basic business decisions or carry out routine business operations. This would free webmasters and business owners from mundane online marketing tasks and activities to concentrate on product or service development and marketing strategies. But a business of any kind can be quite complex, which a standard SEO system may not be capable of handling unless it is a very intelligent system.

There are specially designed SEO modules incorporating unique features to boost automated SEO operations; the “Scheduler” is an automated SEO system option that activates certain SEO tasks based on a pre-defined schedule. There is also the SEO PowerSuite with a myriad of modules to handle various SEO aspects that can be termed as automated.

Business owners or webmasters who want to enjoy a fully automated SEO system need to consider implementing the latest state-of-the-art SEO tools with advanced features that would improve the efficiency level of the SEO system. New SEO tools with new features would emerge and business owners would need to stay on top of their game with these potential online marketing tools to boost their business image, market presence and bottom line.

Human power

Automation is possible with the proper input of creativity and dynamism from humans. An automated SEO system can only be as good as its inventor and the available technological resources. Deep thoughts and solutions must be well designed to benefit a wider range of business using the same set of tools and solutions.

Human intelligence is still a great factor in determining the path of SEO automation. With careful planning and design, automated SEO tools and solutions are possible if the current technologies permit. However, some important SEO facets are often overlooked or bypassed to secure a quicker path to business success. This would cause many businesses to fail as not all loopholes are covered.

A wrong emphasis can bring about disastrous results that are detrimental to the business; this is caused by wrong decisions made. It still boils down to human power to make the decision to automate the SEO process fully by choosing the relevant SEO software tool that is designed to analyze, link, exchange, search and compute online business transactions. There must be a collaboration between business owners, Internet marketers and SEO experts to generate a successful SEO automation for any type of business to enjoy optimal benefits.

An automated SEO system for business depends on human power that makes the crucial decision for automation, semi-automation or manual processes to happen in any business. The implementation of the right SEO features can generate a fully automated SEO tool to boost the business’s success, especially if the business is geared towards greater achievements and goals.