Adsense has been around for so long and has become a house hold term that few stop and think about a time when there was no Adsense. But it is true, Adsense was created.

When Adsense began it really changed the world. Users of the World Wide Web were weary of ads. Many ads seemed to be deceptive, often taking them to places on the web they did not want to go. Web masters where also afraid of advertisers because many where fly by night and never came through with checks for the web masters who displayed ads on their sites. Google was the first big trusted name to enter web advertising and has set the bar for what a web based advertising distributor should be.

Adsense changed. It seemed that to err on the side of goodwill and to help build its good name, Google chose first to send out checks and ask questions later. By the time questions started getting asked it was found that a lot of people were cheating the system clicking their own links and the like.

Adsense changed again. After the wild years, came the crackdown and Google tightened up on all of there publishers, setting strict but fair rules and enforcing them with new vigor.

Adsense as it is in the present day…

Now Google Adsense is a well functioning business model allowing publishers to make fair profits while protecting the advertiser’s bottom line. They do this by supplying him or her with an honest value in advertising, in every corner of the web that you can find small publishers.

The Adsense of tomorrow will be interesting to be sure. Google is forever looking for ways to make it better. Who can surmise what changes will be in store?

We see Adsense creeping into social media already and I can almost imagine a world in which video conferencing will have voice recognition capable of serving ads relevant to the content of a conversation.

Can you imagine saying to your friend in a conversation that you will be right back but you’re thirsty and immediately in the bottom corner of the screen a small logo for Coca-Cola pops up?

Can you also imagine that in the course of a long conversation you may say to your friend that you’re tired and you think you may shut down and go to bed, when again an ad is served for medicine to keep you awake or to help you sleep better? Many believe this is the future of smart online advertising and who is to say?

I think we can get clues to the future by watching how people embrace what’s going on right now with Twitter and Facebook.

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