Google Plus is the social network created by Google. As a social network, Google Plus has a reach of 41 million, where Facebook easily leads the pack with 140 million. Twitter is somewhere in the middle with 90 million – and newcomer Pinterest has just overtaken Google Plus at 55 million. So Google Plus is currently fourth in world social network rankings. But – and this is a significant “but” – Google Plus, via Quantcast, is showing the sharpest overall rise among the top social networks over this last year.

The biggest player in the Google Plus arsenal is Google Circles. Think “groups” or “lists” – but creating and accessing your Circles is drag-and-drop easy! When you first set up your Google account, you’ll be given empty, pre-named “Circles”, but you can easily add your own custom circles. You then drag-and-drop friends’ thumbnail photos into the Circle of your choice.

Here is a quick Step By Step video on Google Plus:


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