The purpose of joining social media sites, such as Google+, is to grow your business network, gain business exposure, and get more customers for your business.

Google+ circles is a great tool for creating brand awareness and building a customer audience for your online business presence. Yes, “Circles” are similar to “Likes” on Facebook Pages, “Friends” on your Facebook and “Followers” on Twitter. Circles are used to build a network of people who are interested in your business, products, or services.

Many business people find that Google+ circles are more “user-friendly” than other platforms like Facebook. It is easier, its “drag and drop” feature makes it quick and simple to add people into one or more of your defined circles.

Additional, you can create many different circles in Google+ and add customers to each relevant circle. Of course, as a business owner, you should create separate circles for your business prospects, business clients and or employees. Create circles for any other segment that relates to your personal needs, such as family. Circles makes This makes sharing information a lot easier as it can be tailored only to those groups who have an interest in what you like to share.

Create specific marketing campaigns to target specific business circles. Offer different types of products and services, for each defined product circle and target these specific subjects.

Social media is used more and more for “promoting” your business. It allows you to “build relationships” with your target online audience, which will in turn create more loyal customers over time by sharing with their friends.
If you share helpful and interesting information with the audiance in your circles, such as tips, videos, or photos, you can quickly build trust and authority status and likely expand your audiance.

With good, valuable content, it won’t take long to get more people to join “your” circles because the people in your circles will recommend it to “their” friends, family, and other business associates. Although it takes time to manage and grow your Google+ circles, is not hard to do for most businesses.

Due to the explosive growth of Google+, businesses can no longer ignore this social media tool.

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