PageRank is how highly rated your site is according to search engines, especially Google™.

According to Google, over 500 million variables are considered, along with 2 billion terms. A good portion of this comes from links and the pages that they link to and from.

This is where PageRank begins to become complicated. Google has never released its algorithm and likely never will. The entire concept is to provide Google search users with the most relevant results possible.

The key to PageRank success is simply understanding why Google ranks some pages and sites higher than others. Understand the basics and the rest is mainly research, linking, and maintaining your site. Even basic site maintenance means a lot when it comes to Google PageRank.

Since PageRank is Google’s baby, site owners often make the costly mistake of believing that rank doesn’t really matter. The higher the PageRank that you have, the more of an authority that you are considered.

PageRank doesn’t matter to every site. In fact, some sites are simply so niche-based that they rank highly simply by offering high-quality content on a regular basis. The keywords that they use are so unique that there is little competition. They become an authority without taking the typical steps to draw in traffic and rank.

If you are trying to market your product or service online, you must rank high in order for visitors to find you. While you can advertise both online and offline, it is important to ensure that your site does part of the advertising itself. This will draw in more visitors and customers without costing you anything.

Any other type of site trying to make a profit in some form or another must have traffic to succeed. A high PageRank means traffic. Traffic equals profits. It is a simple concept. Getting the PageRank is a completely different story. However, it is worth the time and money in order to make your site a success.

PageRank matters if you want traffic. The higher your rank, the more traffic you will have. If you wonder whether rank is important, take a look at your traffic now. Would you like more? If you are selling something or trying to profit, could you stand earning more? If you answered “yes” to either question, you need to learn more about how to rank your website or hire a specialist.

One of the most commonly used techniques used to increase PageRank is link building. Some site owners used to try to manipulate Google by placing links everywhere. Google has made a variety of changes to ensure that this type of link saturation doesn’t work. Google now takes a long, hard look at where your links lead and where they come from. You can’t just submit links everywhere any more.

PageRank isn’t all about links, you can gain quite a bit of ground if you discover the secret about links and how they affect your PageRank.

PageRank calculations are one of Google’s biggest secrets. Only those who work on and implement the algorithms know exactly how they work. Google also keeps PageRank details secretive to remain competitive.

Despite its secrecy, Google’s model has actually become one of the easier ones to understand. This is why most webmasters plan their sites around Google instead of other search engines. Building a blog’s following and increasing PageRank takes time, knowledge and experience. The work is worth the pay off when you see your site on that first page of search results on a regular basis for your topic. If you need help, contact us!

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