Google+ is not just a new tool that is creating a buzz, it is a “must” for YOUR business. Your business needs to take advantage of Google+ and related tools. You can use Google+ as an additional source of traffic to monetize for more customers. The opportunity for Google+ is right now. The site continue showing tremendous potential and this means you should understand that getting in on trends is important for your business.

Using Google+ is very similar to increasing your business with Facebook and Twitter but at the same time there is also going to be a difference. While Google+ is considered just another Social network site by many, it may differ because of the innovations that Google+ is making alang with related tools.

How you can use Google+ for the benefits of your business. Start with signing up.

Sign up to Google+
It used to be a headache to get in Google+ because initially when Google+ was just launched, you have to get an invite to get in. Google wanted it to be an exclusive club so they were controlling the people who got in. However, Google has now decided to open it up to the public and businesses. All you need to do is go to their website and sign up.

Choosing a Name.
A great way to choose a name is to choose a first and last name that is also closely related to your business. For example, if you are in the clothing business, you can choose a catchy name that people would be interested in such as Clothing Tips or New Clothing Trends to help you get the attention that you want. If you wish to use your own name (branding yourself), that is a good move as well.

A Picture tells a thousand words, certainly in the current digital world. A picture is what you need to help people to connect and to give a good first impression. Choose a relevant picture that can impact viewers emotionally. Be sure not to place a picture of your product because this might turn people off. As with most social marketing strategies, you should not be trying to hard sell your product up front. Instead, you should be trying to get connected to your target and/or demographic market and get them to trust you first before trying to monetize the traffic and business income. Get you image editor to work or use a professional to get better attention grabbing images.

Search for Google+ profiles related to your niche.
This is where you start getting followers. Getting followers on social networks is like building an email list. Although followers are not as valuable as a list, you can turn your followers into your subscribers later. From there monetizing your list should be easy.

In Google+ you have to follow and wait to be followed. It is a lot like twitter so be sure to follow people who might have a keen interest in what you have to offer. This is where you start your targeting so make sure to do your homework and understand who your target market is. Expert claims that the typical rate of people following you back is around 20% give and take so if you want 100 followers you should expect to follow around 500 people before you can see results. That might seem like a lot at first but do not worry because it will get easier from here because the more people you have been following you, your post will start to help you get the attention from your follower’s follower and things could go viral. Again, the better your pictures and content are, the sooner it goes viral.

Status Updates.
When your followers are coming in steadily, you can now consider placing a link on your status update. Let it be a free gift to those who follows you and that’s when you will start building your list. It is always a good idea to load your autoresponders with a set of newsletters to help communicate and build a relationship with your list. Statistics have it that a typical visitor will only purchase after getting exposed to what you have to offer for 7 times.

Therefore, if you already have a brand awareness going on than your autoresponder messages will help you get more people to buy from you with ease. Always tweak your autoresponder messages accordingly and pay your attention to the questions that might arise. From the questions that you get you might want to create an F.A.Q list and place it somewhere near the end of your set of your newsletter.

Rinse and Repeat.
You need first to focus on one product and get the followers going and let it grow. At the first sign of the campaign going on auto pilot with just constant posting, you can consider adding business pages for more target audiances. The key here is automation. If you are too busy to get followers or to post constant information regarding your niche, consider outsourcing the work. The great thing about outsourcing these days online is that it is very readily available and it cost relative little. Be sure to choose the right business to get the job done.

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