Good customer reviews play a very critical role in the success of your listing, so here’s a little more information on the topic.

  1. The review feature

The Google My Business platform has included a new review feature called the “Review Inbox,” where you can see all the customer reviews on both Google and other sources. Not only can you see them, but you can reply to them from the dashboard as well.

  1. The importance of getting customer reviews

Getting reviews from your satisfied customers can greatly improve your online image and reputation. By leveraging this powerful form of “word-of-mouth” marketing, you can build a larger customer base by increasing trust in your products and services.

The fact is that people today care more about what “other people” say about your business than what “you” say in your advertisements. So make sure you are actively encouraging reviews from happy customers.

  1. How to get more reviews

The most obvious thing to do to get more positive reviews from your customers is to offer quality products and services every time. In most cases, your customers won’t mind writing a good review if you ask them.

Do it politely, don’t bribe, and try to do it as soon as you can after their purchase experience. Usually, the longer you wait, the less likely you are to receive a review. Also personally thank your customers for writing reviews – doing so can go a long way.

If you have any customers that are not satisfied, try to work out the problem as soon as possible to avoid getting a negative review.


Due to the fact that Google My Business has incorporated Google+, Google Search, and Google Maps into one platform, you can manage your business listing easier than ever before. You won’t have to switch between pages, as you can update information, reply to customers, and engage with your audience right from your Google My Business account.

Having a complete and accurate listing will help your business stand out on the internet. This is especially true if you have rich content to share with your Google+ audience; as a result, Google will ultimately reward you with even more search visibility.

By using Google My Business and creating an effective listing, you will draw more attention towards your brand and build a healthy relationship with your existing customers, potential customers, and Google.

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