End of Google AuthorshipThree years after its implementation, Google announced yesterday to retire Google Authorship.

No more popping up of Author pictures in Search results.

No more need for the complex setup of authorship for customers…

Google stated that the primary reasons for ending Google Authorship:

1. low adoption rates by authors and webmasters
2. very little change in “click behavior”, i.e. low value to searchers.

Google will no longer be tracking data from content using rel=author markup.

In December 2013 Google already reduced the amount of author photo snippets shown per query. Reason mentioned was that Google was moving toward standardizing the user experience between desktop and mobile search, and author photos did not work well with the limited screen space and bandwidth of mobile.

As Google moves forward in its commitment to semantic search it has developed ways to identify authors with a high degree of confidence apart from author actions to implement Google authorship which was found to be complicated with an high rate of error.

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