Changes are the only constant in life as many have mentioned; and it is true that changes are good for the progress especially with advanced technologies. Modern technologies bring on a host of advanced features that benefits consumers and businesses.

Hence, it is should not be surprising that top search engines such as Google made distinct changes to its search and rank algorithm in 2012. The popular search engine has mentioned a change of its de-indexing feature to reduce website rankings on those employing “webspam” which is known as black hat SEO.

Such changes are aligned with emerging technologies in this era to improve web activities, websites as well as to safeguard web consumers and genuine businesses on the web. But every change will rattle some nerves as man prefers continuity with the familiar. A lot of effort is required to flow with changes, regardless of quantum and complexity.

Therefore, the changes implemented in Google’s New Algorithm is likely to cause some upsets in the web world of business where online business owners and marketers must be on their toes again to understand the effects and impacts of the changes on their currently ‘well oiled’ business activities at the moment.

A positive outlook on such changes would help online business owners and marketers to stay focused on the market to overcome competition while remaining as market leaders in their industries. Enhanced changes to Google’s Algorithm would deter websites that indulge in illegal online marketing strategies that are termed black hat SEO.

White Hat versus Black Hat SEO

Google is very clear with what it defines White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO to be in its books. Business owners and marketers would do well to understand these terms properly as Google defines them to manipulate the best of online marketing SEO features for higher website rankings, more sales and bigger bottom lines.

A clear understanding of White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO helps online business owners and marketers to apply the best of marketing strategies that is accepted by Google and other popular search engines to be visible in the market. Such positions would draw more traffic to their websites for a higher sales conversion that brings in more profit. However, these marketers must execute the marketing campaigns, according to the set rules and regulations of Google to warrant the desired results in generating traffic and sales.

White Hat SEO refers to a special SEO technique employed to promote websites that employ original content. Such SEO category is healthy and ethical besides enhancing the web user experience on the Internet. Google encourages white hat SEO marketing strategies which project a more professional image of the company while promoting healthy Internet marketing.

Black Hat SEO is the opposite of White Hat SEO. Webspam methods include the use of shortcuts and loopholes in the ranking systems to secure higher page ranks quickly. Technically, Black Hat SEO techniques are illegal and unprofessional which spoils the company’s image and brand, although short term goals such as higher search engine ranks are achieved in a shorter time frame.

Flowing With the Change

As change will come, online business owners and Internet marketers must be prepared to accept Google’s changes in the algorithm. Although SEO companies fear a drop in business with Google’s algorithm changes, quick measures can be taken to avoid significant effects. A quick alert on Google’s course of action would provide ample time to understand and implement the changes to benefit their business without incurring the wrath of their customers.

Such algorithm changes would definitely impact business websites and traffic unless quick actions are undertaken to soften the change. It would be an excellent opportunity for updates or enhancements and modifications to be implemented on this occasion. This would put companies into better light with popular search engines and consumers.

This algorithm update by Google is meant to identify shady websites that employ Black Hat SEO techniques for a quick shutdown. Smart business websites would spring clean their modus operandi as soon as possible on receiving news of this sweep by Google to avoid a de-indexing of websites especially clients’ websites.

The best approach towards the impending change by Google is to embrace the change with a positive attitude and outlook. White Hat SEO techniques can be picked up easily to be implemented quickly for the best of results. This would avoid the intensive search by Google when its new algorithm is unleashed like a law enforcement officer doing the patrols.

Stabilizing Rankings

Online businesses that employ White Hat SEO techniques would have no problem maintaining their good search engine rankings. In fact, it is possible for the rankings of these websites to be pushed higher up with the new Google Algorithm as shady websites would be de-indexed or eliminated from the ranking list. Hence, the remaining websites would enjoy a more favorable page ranking when the new Google Algorithm comes into enforcement.

Businesses that have been trying to get a head start in the market with Black Hat SEO techniques should wise up and take on the straight path of SEO to be respected in the market. White Hat SEO techniques are not difficult to employ and this would set all business players on the same playing field to provide the best of offerings to consumers.

This would increase the traffic to the web business sites with an authentic approval by Google. Business processes would be simpler and straightforward for consumers, investors and associates while progressive technologies can be encouraged to generate more excellent tools and resources to benefit these business recipients.


A change in Google algorithm need not be a bad thing; it may be inconvenient to many parties, but the bottom line objective benefits the market tremendously. A higher standard of doing business is established with advanced technologies employed to maintain, if not spike up, the web business sites’ rankings by Google.

The onus is on the business owners and marketers who need to consider a long run objective over a short term goal with low lying fruits that would disappear quickly.

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