Google Gadgets & OpenSocial
A Social Media Marketing Toolset 

Marketing on the Internet is not difficult with the wide range of advanced and cost effective marketing tools available for free. A host of social media marketing tools and resources is readily available to assist online business owners and marketers in drawing traffic to their web business site to promote their products and services.

Emergence of Social Media Marketing  

A Social Media Marketing Toolset An online business requires a varied range of components to be marketed on the web. A modern business requires a well-designed and attractive website to display the business wares and services as well as cost effective marketing strategies using the best of marketing tools for a continual growth and survival of the business in a competitive environment today.

The use of social media sites has proven increasingly popular and crucial in promoting the business offerings. Popular social media networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and Friendster offer a host of exciting marketing features that are cost effective to bring in lucrative results in a short period of advertising. When these social media sites integrate and interact in tandem with one another, a host of benefits can be reaped by the business entity.

Modern web users tend to be fans or followers of more than one social media network. It may prove a challenge for any active web user to track the different groups of friends on different networking sites. However, with Google Gadgets and Open Social today, this challenge is easily rectified. These marketing tools form an excellent social media marketing toolset to benefit online businesses in their web marketing endeavors.

Advanced Online Social Media Marketing Tools

Open Social is an integral Google apps builder that can link multiple websites to one API while permitting the hosting of other social applications. Webmasters using Open Social may require some working knowledge of JavaScript and HTML, although Google is well prepared with online tutorials on handling Open Social efficiently.

Google also offers Google Gadgets to link marketing activities with popular social networking sites for a greater business outcome. This marketing tool allows a cost effective social application to be built readily. This dynamic duo forms an excellent social media marketing tool to the delight of web businesses regardless of industry and size. Google gadgets are found in an XML file containing instructions to Google on a gadget configuration. It is easy for Google to approve a gadget with a simple location URL identifying the gadget XML file. Once Google locates and verifies the gadget’s functionality, it would add the gadget to its database for millions of users to use.

Gadgets can also be complex JavaScript codes running Flash applications designed to interact with databases. A gadget can be complex due to its functionality. Some programming skills and working knowledge of JavaScript and Flash may be necessary in designing and developing effective gadgets for Google. An appealing gadget that is a Google approved can generate high volumes of traffic to the web business site.

Google Gadgets may be simple code pieces that webmasters can personally structure to suit their web business site for a more dynamic website. These codes can be applied in the links and signatures on the web for a proper identification and functioning. Gadgets that have been created for a website would function to update it as well. It only takes one gadget to manage all social networks of a business to reflect any change of information or offering continually. This automatic application provides further ease to webmasters to have more time for other business matters.

Combined Benefits and Effects

With a stronger emphasis on social media marketing approaches today, modern businesses are engaging the latest social media marketing tools and resources to attract more customers. Every business website requires a constant increase of web traffic to generate higher sales and bottom line as the number of social media users increases over the years.

Today, hundreds of social media sites are available to market a business in any industry on a local or global sphere. Such environments provide millions of potential leads to the business for survival and growth. Strong marketing strategies can spread quickly across multiple integrated social media networks with a click on the mouse.

Web business owners and markets enjoy savings on time, cost and effort in marketing their offerings on the Internet to large volumes of potential customers. This is possible with Open Social and Google Gadgets which ensure a continual functioning of the marketing campaign to achieve the stated goals and objectives.

Open Social and Google Gadgets apps are very user friendly to allow online marketers a quick learning on their features that would be helpful in any business marketing effort.
Google gadgets can be easily added to blogs and web pages to be effective marketing components. There are a wide variety of Google Gadgets to choose from to be placed on any website depending on the marketer’s online marketing strategy. Most experienced bloggers are familiar with Followers, About Me and Blog Archive gadgets which are default gadgets installed for any blog.

The market offers thousands of gadgets every day with Google adding a long list of gadgets which can be used anywhere. Google Gadgets are new with sophisticated, extensive programming interface for greater flexibility and dynamism when manipulated by independent web developers.

Social media marketing is now more vibrant with Google Gadgets and Open Social used in tandem. Google Gadgets and Open Social from Google can boost brand and image successfully and quite effortlessly if the right components are manipulated properly. Success can be in sight when the right gadgets are selected to manage and activate the diverse marketing operations for a business. One Google Gadget is sufficient to interact with multiple social networks via an Open Social app. The time is shortened in marketing efforts to focus on the more important aspects of business such as new products and services.

Google Gadgets combined with Open Social proves to be ideal in connecting all social media networks of a business with a continual update to ensure the latest information received by web viewers or visitors.

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