Internet marketing is an important facet in running an online business. Just like conventional marketing, it allows you to promote your business to your target audience. There are many internet marketing strategies that you can use in order to get more traffic to your site but if you want to make sure that you convert some of that traffic into sales, then you should use programs like Google Adwords.

What Is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is a program from Google that allows you to get targeted hits to your website. This means that this program increases the likelihood of your site from converting many sales from your traffic. When using Google Adwords, you can place a bid on your advertisements and spend on a pay-per-click basis.

In order to get targeted traffic to your site, you need to use the right keywords in order to make your Adword campaign successful. In fact, if you know how to carry out this campaign, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of using Adwords for a long time.

What To Consider Before Running Google Adwords?

Before running this particular internet marketing campaign, it is crucial that you consider several things first. Different online entrepreneurs have different goals when implementing their internet marketing campaigns. Moreover, while Google Adwords is a great way to drive traffic and convert sales to your site, not all internet marketers have a use for it. Therefore, it is important to ask the following things before running Google Adwords:

  • What do you want your prospective clients to do? As mentioned earlier, different online entrepreneurs have different marketing goals thus you have to determine what is it that you want your clients to do for you. For instance, you can use Google Adwords to lead your clients to your sales letter page or be directed to the actual product itself.
  • How much are you willing to spend? Take note that Google Adwords is a pay-per-click program which means that you only pay every successful click or conversion that you client makes. Fortunately, this particular program is very versatile as it allows you to set a limit to the amount that you are only willing to pay for the program.
  • What keywords should you bid on? Another important thing to consider before launching your Google Adwords campaign is your keyword. Selecting a group of keywords  is very important but make sure that your keywords are relevant to your website. On the other hand, it is also important that you understand that for every keyword bid that you make in Google, it comes with a  particular bid amount. The more popular your keyword phrases are, the more likely that you have to pay whenever your client makes a successful transaction.

Common Google Adwords Mistake

Using Google Adwords together with your other internet marketing strategy is a very viable form of marketing. However, people should be careful when implementing this particular program. Unfortunately, committing mistakes in implementing Google Adwords often result in you wasting too much of your time, effort and money. It is therefore important to understand the common Google Adwords mistake.

  • The use of inappropriate keywords. Keywords are very important in driving traffic to your site. Using the right keywords can get you a lot of traffic as well as volume searches. It is important to take note that most of your prospects type in general keywords thus you can use general keyword phrases in order for the search engine and your prospects to see your ad.
  • Using few ads. When setting up this particular campaign, you can actually make as many groups of ads that you like despite your budget. It is important that you make at least 10 ads and test them to see whether they are working or not. Using a few ads does not allow you to see whether they are unproductive or not.
  • Using too many keywords. Google Adwords allow you to associate your ad with a lot of keywords. In fact, there are more than a hundred keywords that you can bid on to relate to your site. However, make sure that all of the keywords that you are going to use are relevant to your site. Although you can use a hundred or more keywords, it is crucial that you just bid on 10 keywords for each ad that you are running. By doing so, you can easily monitor which sets of keywords are doing well for your ads.
  • Not directing your customer to the right site. Whenever a prospect clicks on your ad, they expect to be directed to your landing page or sales page but what happens if they are directed to another website that does not involve your products? You will have paid Google for the successful click but you end up losing a prospective customer.
  • Failure to monitor Adwords performance. Another mistake internet marketers make is the failure to check the results. When signing up for Google Adwords, you will also be given an account where you can view the performance of your keywords. Not using that platform to check the performance of your ads and keywords will only lead to you making the wrong conclusions. Moreover, by monitoring the performance of your keywords, you will be able to make important decisions on which keywords to retain and which ones you should remove.
  • Not using the Quality Score. Google Adwords offer a very convenient feature called the Quality Score. This is a rank assigned by Google to the keywords associated to your ad.  The rank varies on the successful clicks that are done by your prospects. Not paying attention to the quality score often results in a low successful click-through rates.

Google Adwords can be a very effective tool to make your ads more visible to your prospective clients but before you consider this particular program, it is important that you learn about this


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