Everywhere you go people are talking about making money on Google. Make money on Google? Really? How? Well there are 4 main ways to use Google to make you money. One thing is for sure, when people talk about making money on Google, it isn’t Google who is going to pay you money for work, but it is you create a solid business by utilizing Google and the existing traffic that flows within Google’s internet empire every single day. Here are the few ways you can use Google to earn you a full time income from home.

Google’s Free Blogs – Blogger.

One of the most fundamental ways to use Google to make money online is to take advantage of their free blogs known as Blogger. Make no mistake about it; Blogger is normally used by internet marketer to create websites for themselves for free. Now how do you make money from these blogs that you create for yourself?

There are plenty of ways and one of them is to actually use the blogs to promote affiliate products or you can use it as a real blog where you will update it often and then monetize it using ads, banners or even selling affiliate products. Google’s Blogger is one of the best places for anyone to go and create a website for themselves the easiest way and of cost it is free. These two benefits are why most of the people who use blogger to host their sites are newbies or those who are not technically savvy.

Google Adsense.

When you have a blog or a website of your own then what? Most people who have a reasonable amount of great content and traffic that goes to their site will go about using Google’s Adsense Ads and place them on their site traffic. The best thing about using Google’s AdSense Ads to monetize your site is that it involves no selling. All you have to do it to place your ads on the right spot on your website and you are pretty much good to go on your earnings.

Now with Google’s AdSense, you will earn a small commission every single time the traffic that are on your site clicks on a Google Adsense Ad. What you need to do next is to ensure that the ads are relevant to your website’s niche or topic so that your site traffic will be interested in your ads and click on them. There are specific ways to play your ads and the positions can determine the amount of ‘Click through rate’ that you get on the Adsense Ads that you place.

Some experts will want to make sure that your ads do not stand out and scream ‘I Am An Ad’ to your site visitors. Instead the correct way to do thing is to actually make sure that your ad blends in with your site (pictures, text, links, etc.) so that people will not be reluctant to click on your ads. Another great tip for AdSense users it that they should always try to be in a niche where the click price is high. The higher the click price the more commissions you will earn per clicks. Therefore a great way for you to actually make more money out of your efforts is to choose the right niche with high paying AdSense keywords. However you will need to take competitors and traffic volume into consideration as well.

Google Adwords.

Google Adwords is a great PPC platform that you can use to make money online. This is because Google Adwords is where you can buy very target traffic for your offers. The bad news is, Google no longer accepts Adwords users that promote affiliate offers. This is a big letdown to a lot of affiliate out there and when Google decided to implement this rule a few years ago; many affiliate marketers literally went out of business overnight.

Now with that said, if you still have a Google Adwords Account that works, you should use it for legitimate promotion of your own product. Google Adwords can quickly get you the best traffic you can get and you will be able promote your own products with ease. Sales and conversions will always be optimized so if you can optimize your ad campaign properly (higher CTR and better keyword bidding strategies) you will always find yourself in the profit zone.

SEO On Google.

Another great way to get traffic from Google is to try and get your site to the top of the search engine rankings. This is commonly known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization). When you are able to get to the first page of Google, you will be able to enjoy free targeted traffic from Google’s search engine. This is worth a lot of money so if you have SEO skills and know how to get sites to the first page of Google, you won’t have to worry if you will ever go hungry online. The demand on this topic is very high and it pays to have skills in search engine optimization.

All in all these are the few main ways on how you can use Google to make money online. Note that Google itself is not the full solution. You might need to pair them up like bloggers with Adsense. Blogger by itself is nothing but a free blog and Adsense is merely a way for site owners to monetize their site. Adwords is a platform that gets you free traffic and if you combine the right elements to with Google you will be in business.

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