There are a lot of things that contribute to a page’s search results when a person types in keywords to look for something. Ultimately, every company should want to be number one on the list because it is going to result in the most traffic on the site. If your page shows up on the second page of search results, the likelihood of you being found is not very good.

When someone uses Google search, they enter in keywords. If those keywords are on your site, you’ll appear in the search result. The more videos, links and similar keywords that are found on your site, the higher are your chances of being higher in the search. If you have reputable links on your site, you may even be spotted higher.

Now, let’s go ahead and begin using Google +1. The more individuals who give you a vote and “+1” a business, the more these votes will begin to influence those using the search engine. Similar to Facebook “likes,” Google +1 will show the popularity of a website within the community.

If there are two companies in the area with the same name or same search criteria, the votes or plus symbols are going to be shown on the search page. The average consumer is going to head to the person who has the most votes because it shows that they are marketing better or have a better product – which may or may not be true.

Google +1 can therefore help your page ranking simply by showing your product likability in a very easy to access format. You won’t be able to see how many people like them on Facebook, so the Google +1 is something a little different. The link can be added to your website, blog or anywhere else so that it is easier for consumers to give you their vote.

The more votes you have, the more likely you are to show up in a person’s Google search. This is a completely free product, just like any of the other social media sites, so it behooves a person to try and go after as many votes as possible. Competition can be very fierce across the internet because people are competing for local and online business. Google allows people to vote for products, bringing communities together and making the rankings a little more interesting.

Watching a page rank anything less than the top 10 is just not acceptable for business, so add Google +1 to your pages to watch your fan base grow.

Fred Lotgering is a professional Internet Marketing consultant working from multiple locations around the world. He is dedicated to help to grow small and medium sized businesses by offering a variety of Internet Marketing tools! He is the owner of LotCon. (“LotCon” comes from Lotgering Consultancy). LotCon is registered in the Netherlands, now also in Brazil). For more products suitable for “YOUR” business please go to: LotCon Biz Solutions Blog

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Google One Pass is revolutionizing the world of purchase of viewing content. If you are a publisher, considering either going paperless or adding the additional convenience of online viewing and subscription, this may be the perfect solution for you. Google One Pass is the perfect vehicle to allow the consumer to get a taste of your product to draw them in. Once they decide that it is something they would like to hold a subscription for, they are able to sign up to view more, all through one site and all manageable by you. There is no outsource company needed, or complexity to use or management.

Online subscriptions are the trend of publishing for the future. People no longer want to carry around anything more than their existing devices. Having access to information or materials on their gadgets is a very important convenience for people today and they will gravitate toward materials that are more readily available. Make sure to keep your publications and content relevant by making it convenient to its users through Google One Pass.

Google One Pass is the ideal publication device. It is the perfect way to generate a new revenue stream for your business or publication. Where once you were only able to target a specific demographic, opening up your content to the internet is like reaching millions of people worldwide in an instant. It provides ease of use for your consumer, with the ability to offer them options such as purchase-once or view anytime access, where you set the price for viewing. If you should decide to extend the service to your existing consumers, allowing them access is not only possible, but easily done, without any effort on their part.

Google One Pass is not a complicated process, nor does it need a professional to implement. Made specifically for the business owner who may not be well versed in technological complexity, it is user-friendly and requires only minimal operational knowledge. It is set up to provide the business owner with a flexible business model to set the parameters for purchase with various options for consumers such as subscription, day passes, pay-per-article, multi-issue, metered access, the decisions are all in your hands for use. You maintain all of the control over the content and how much or how little you want to display, and what you want to charge for access.

Google One Pass allows you to set up a totally self-sufficient site that will require no additional third-party pay systems or sites to piggy back from. All access, sign ups and payments can be made on the same website, and even better, through your control. Although should you decide that you would like to interface with other sites, you have the ability to manage content across multiple sites, and easily offers outside tools such as mobile apps. This will give your consumers flexibility and the ease of use to view content across different mediums all through the same subscription. Google One Pass takes the mystic out of digital content available online, bringing the control back into your hands.

Fred Lotgering is a professional Internet Marketing consultant working from multiple locations around the world. He is dedicated to help to grow small and medium sized businesses by offering a variaty of Internet Marketing tools! He is the owner of LotCon. (“LotCon” comes from Lotgering Consultancy). LotCon is registered in the Netherlands, soon also in Brazil). For more products suitable for “YOUR” business please go to: LotCon Biz Solutions Blog.

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When the Internet made its splash onto the worldwide scene, people saw instantly the potential for endless possibilities both in their personal life as well as in their professional life. Once the potential for business opportunities were realized, many companies began to specialize in, and operate outsourcing companies to help the average business owner promote and advertise their business, service, or information through personalized websites that they developed. As the Internet has become more user-friendly, people are beginning to take control of their own business and personal websites, and tools such as Google gadgets are making it now possible for anyone to produce websites that look professional.


Google gadgets are miniature objects which are produced specifically for Google users. They offer some really amazing dynamic content which you can use to place on any page or website that you are building or maintaining. They are the perfect addition to your business or your everyday life with practical applications like to-do lists, currency converters and calendars. Not just for the serious, they are also amazing for entertainment with news, games or blogs available for viewing at anytime.


Ease of use is unbelievable. Although your material will look like a professional designed it, anyone can access and use Google gadgets to make some incredible visual pages. The only requirement you have for use is to install, or have available Google Desktop, or you can just add Google gadgets to your computer’s desktop for use. Google has made these gadgets available to anyone without the need for extensive knowledge of technology, it is amazingly user-friendly.


Google gadgets make your web-pages come alive. They make any website, literally about anything, become interesting and useful. With hundreds of gadgets available, all you need to do is choose which one you would like to add to your page and copy and paste it into you HTML page source code, what can be easier? Not only are you able to utilize existing gadgets, but with a little computer savvy, you are able to create and export your very own onto the iGoogle to share with others across the world. If you add your gadget to the site, millions are viewers are then drawn to it just by viewing your gadget on the homepage. It’s like free advertising for you.


Being linked into pretty much all mediums your gadget can be viewed across multiple sites such as iGoogle, Gmail, Calendar, Maps, Sites or any other web-page that it is featured on. Let Google’s gadgets bring out the creativity in you. Whether using existing gadgets to spice up your web-page and create links drawing people to your site, or creating your own gadgets to share with others, it is the best way of staying connected and be relevant. Made for ease of use, you don’t need to be a web designer or computer professional to create and use gadgets. Add a little excitement to your web-page and increase your viewer audience, all with ease, and a little fun.


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The world that we live in is vastly changing in what seems to be an instant. Technology over the past decade, and especially over the past couple of years, has exploded in the world of social networking, allowing us to feel connected to others across town, or across the world. Just by opening your laptop, you are able to have access to millions of people worldwide in an instant. What an amazingly connected world we are broaching on. Not only are you able to communicate with those you know, but you are able to communicate your likes and dislikes to find commonality with people you don’t know and will probably never meet personally. Finding commonality with those around you, makes us all feel less alone, more a part of something global. +1 by Google, allows you to put your personal stamp of approval on every topic you choose. Your voice matters so make sure to put it out there.

Google +1 is a way to add your opinion to anything on the web. It is a way to publicly say either that you approve or disapprove with all the media that is available. Being linked into your friends, contacts, and just about anyone that is surfing the web, you are able to make suggestions about everything from products, to movies, to opinion pieces, and find consensus, or lack thereof, with those around you.

Google +1 is a great tool to also get a feel for trends and opinions if you are running a business or service. It gives you the general overview of what people like and don’t like. In some ways it is like running a focus group, without the hassle of finding participants or actually paying for the practice. When people supply their opinion, it is close to having an opinion poll at the touch of your fingers without ever having to put one together. It is an ideal way to grow your business and tweak your service by better understanding the likes or dislikes of those who are frequenting it.

Google +1 is also a great way to get opinions about things that you are considering doing or services you are considering of utilizing. There is no need to go through the hoops of references, all you need to do is see what the general opinion of a service or group is, by looking at the overall ratings, to get a good feel for the usefulness or quality of whatever it is you are considering. Hate when you spend your money on going to see a movie only to find that it was awful despite what the critics say? +1 will give you a better overall view of what like-minded individuals like yourself thought of the movie, not some removed paid artsy “specialist” who you find yourself barely agreeing with anyway.

Google +1 is a free service that is easy and convenient to sign up for and utilize. Your voice is important and valid, so make sure that it is heard, around the world.

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Do You Need You Google+ Invite?

You might remember that an invite was required to get a Google Gmail account. And that got Gmail started.

Google Plus needs also an invite. Google Plus launched June 28 but it seems people aren’t exactly rushing to get Google Plus invites. Google’s last big invite-only rollout of a social initiative – Google Wave – wasn’t either.

Confused with Google Plus and Google +1 ?

Google +1 had been around for a while. Google +1 is the social voting system. Google +1 Works similar as the Facebook Like button, it is an upvote for sites that you “like”. We have had the Google+1 button on several of our sites for quite a while. Not a big rush either, far behind the facebook “likes”.

Google Plus or Google+ is the (new) social network. Right now you must have an invite (Get Invite) to join.


Google+ Works very similar to Facebook. Maybe therefor there is no big rush.

At its core level, Google+ is not that much different from Facebook. Yet, there is so much more. How do you get started with Google Plus? You need an INVITE.

Google+ has also a “Stream” which is basically the same as your Facebook news feed. You can share links, photos, status updates, locations, etc., just like Facebook or Twitter.

But Circles give you the option of dividing up those who you follow into different groups. A feature not really available in Facebook. You can create as many circles as you want and
add people to as many circles as you want.

Sparks, Hurdle and Hangouts are other features important to business owners. We will report on those soon in detail. And yes, you will need to download the Google Voice program on your computer.

Conclusion, not a big “Gold” rushe yet. But some option are great for business.

Being part of Google+ and Google +1 might have significient SEO implications. We are watching closely.

There are over over 10 million users already. Rumours are that Google employee bonuses ride on success/failure og Google+.

Maybe time to get started? Need to


? Just mail us at with Invite in the subject line.

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