LotCon-Business-Report-Digital-Marketing-2016-280If you’re looking to gain new customers, inbound marketing is the way to do it. Long gone are the days where you had to buy email lists and spend a small fortune on ads. These days, it is all about creating valuable content that attracts direct inbound leads who are actually interested in your product or service. Here are three solid methods you can start using right away.

1. Create a blog
Blogging has become one of the most popular ways to attract customers online. Adding a blog page to your website doesn’t just potentially attract new customers, it also helps to keep existing ones checking back to see what’s new. In order to make it work, you will need to add fresh, relevant content on a regular basis, ideally each week. So what is relevant content? Well, put simply it is something that your customers are interested in right now. You could use it to answer common questions you are asked about particular products and services. Or you could update it with latest industry news. It also gives you the opportunity to prove yourself as an expert. This will increase your reputation and make customers more willing to buy from you.

2. Offer something free
Everybody loves a freebie and you can use this to attract inbound leads. Not all customers are going to want to buy from you the first time they visit your website. That’s where offering a little incentive comes in handy. This can be anything from a short eBook to an entire video series. This largely works for those selling services rather than products. Discounts offer the same results and are more effective for businesses selling products. While high quality content and a good marketing strategy will attract new leads, a free gift or discount will help you to convert those leads into sales.

3. Focus on the right keywords
Search engine optimization has long been the most effective way of generating inbound leads. However, it’s extremely easy to get it wrong. It works by using targeted keywords in your marketing content (such as the text on your website and blog) that will be picked up by search engines. In order to attract the right type of customer, you need to make sure you are using the best keywords.

Popular short keywords are great, but you will be facing a lot of competition. For example, if you’re a dentist, the simple keyword “dentist” is unlikely to get you to the top page of Google. Instead, you would need to focus on what is known as localized longer tailed keywords. These could include “cosmetic dentist in New York,” “root canal New York,” or “affordable dental implants in New York.” Fewer competitors will be using these keywords and you’ll also be targeting a more specialized group of customers.

Overall, attracting inbound leads is easy once you know the right Digital Marketing techniques to use. However, it is going to take a lot of time and effort to learn the ropes and perfect this powerful lead generating process.


LotCon-Monthly-Business-Report-October-2015-280Google Analytics Tools is the most (if not the best) powerful tool for analysing and interpreting the data on your website. However some of its most potent applications are hardly ever used. Let’s take a look at some truly amazing tools that you may have never even knew existed. Read about it here and in our FREE Ebook!
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Count of Visit Conversions

While it is great for you to know the overall conversion rate, why not also learn how many visits it takes before a prospect becomes a client? Google Analytics allows you to observe conversion rates based off a single visit, 2-5 visits and 6 visits or more. You can therefore see what content is attracting the most attention and adapt your pipeline accordingly.

Catching the Whale

You’re likely aware that a “whale” is a term in sales that signifies a rather large client. In Google Analytics, these whales equate to visitors that spend above a certain revenue segment that you can personally set. Not only will you be able to better understand the behaviour of your top customers, but you can also see how their spending habits shift according to sales and marketing campaigns.

Organic Images

Many sites noticed a significant drop in traffic when Google decided to once again modify the metrics involved with the exposure of image searches. You can now apply what is known as “organic image traffic” to better determine any trends in regards to your image tags.

Accounting for the Smartphone

Your website analysis may be thrown off from time to time due the increased amount of inbound traffic from mobile devices. You can apply a filter through Google Analytics that can help screens which are 600 x 600 pixels access your site without any display issues. In other words, you can completely filter out users who have screens of 600 pixels wide or more (these can often present display problems). Considering that m-commerce is the fastest growing segment in terms of revenue, this filter will help to increase the number of inbound hits.

Single vs. Long-Tail Keywords

You need to be able to look at your inbound traffic in terms of keyword length as opposed to the terms themselves. Analytics has a handy feature which allows you to compare the main phrases in relation to long-tail terms that are between 4 and 6+ words in length. You can then see which ones are generating the most leads and modify your approach accordingly.

Blog Bounces

The majority of those who will land on your blog are likely there to only read what it is you have to say without taking any further action. Google Analytics has another useful resource that is known as a blog bounce remover. You can filter out visitors who have only read a single page and who took no further action. You can then identify the most popular pages/posts and capitalise on their presence without becoming confused with irrelevant data.

Mining Inbound Keyword Traffic

You are able to filter out inbound keywords such as “what”, “how” and “why”. Then, you can better address the needs of the customer in the question-and-answer section of your site. You will discover that you are not addressing some of their most important concerns.

In-Depth Demographics

Most reports will typically generate demographic data based upon different regions of a specific area (such as two different cities). Google Analytics offers you another feature known as “brand ripples”. In this case these two areas will then be compared with a target state or county. You will be able to better appreciate micro, local and regional trends.

Hourly Conversion Rate Differences

Do you know if you are receiving higher conversion rates on purchases during out of hours or when your company is open for business? This unique addition enables you to set your default work hours and compare when the majority of conversions are occurring. Should your site be performing better during specific hours, this may signal that you need to adjust your demographic region or audience.

Piracy Concerns

This is a very useful tool if you have been concerned about others generating traffic against your own web profile. You will be able to see any other host names that may not be your own and take the appropriate action. Many of these sites are likely to be fake and utilising black-hat methods such as duplicating your own content.

These applications are only some of the numerous examples that can help you to find the best ways to modify and adapt your website to a changing environment. Still, the importance Google Analytics Tools cannot be overlooked in the ever-evolving world of Internet marketing.

SEO made easy...coming soon....Modern online businesses today are keen to Reach Google’s Top 10 of Google SERPs where possible as frequently as possible. A high ranking like the top 10 is definitely a plus point for web businesses to enjoy more traffic and sales that would boost the business bottom line and market presence quickly.

In order to achieve this business goal, webmasters and online business owners or marketers would need to adopt the best SEO software tools that would generate a dynamic website which augurs well with Google search algorithms.

Search engine optimization is very instrumental in driving web traffic to the web business sites for the web business to remain relevant in the marketplace. Achieving top slots in Google’s SERP is possible with the consistent application of 5 top SEO tools available to web business owners and marketers.

1) SEO PowerSuite Software

Many web business owners and marketers are unaware of the dynamics of SEO PowerSuite which offers a powerful synergy from 4 mini-tools as an SEO package. It comprises the site auditor, rank tracker, link building assistant and SEO SpyGlass components to raise the web page ranking on Google.

The link assistant is designed to link building processes by selecting relevant link partners that would benefit the business with relevant contact details. The rank tracker functions to check out the website’s keywords rankings to form more competitive keywords for a better website optimization. The website auditor and SEO SpyGlass apps work to detect common website errors with a thorough comparison of the business website and identified competitor websites.

2) Web CEO App

The Web CEO app is known to be a versatile online SEO marketing tool that comprises a comprehensive package as a dynamic SEO tool. Business owners and marketers could secure a free online version with limited features for a trial operation of its power and effectiveness as a marketing SEO tool. But for more dynamic market breakthroughs, it is necessary to purchase the entire SEO package to exploit all its potential marketing features that would boost the page ranking by Google.

Web CEO comes in a variety of 12 SEO mini apps that are powerful marketing tools to boost the web business page ranking by Google. The synergy generated by these tools is astounding with an accurate keyword research. The tool offers sneak peeks at competitor pages to understand their success secrets for securing Google top rankings for emulation and enhancements.

3) IBP Software

 The Internet Business Promoter software tool is very popular as an online SEO app that is versatile in helping webmasters design astounding web pages creatively to secure website optimization. IBP offers website designers the ability to simplify different SEO procedures which work to Reach Google’s Top 10  page ranking for more traffic to their websites.

This online SEO tool is easy to use in raising sales revenue through easy to navigate screens that are appealing and convincing to increase sales conversion rates.

4) SEO Profiler Software

 The SEO profiler is a superior SEO toolkit that is frequently deployed by marketers and business owners in securing higher search rankings from popular search engines like Google. This software app offers clear guides to conduct accurate and useful link analysis in all link building activities with a meticulous link cleaning exercise to avoid leaving dangerous website links hanging around.

It is capable of performing a thorough research on keyword optimization that ensures the best of competitive keywords or key phrases for successful searches. This would ensure a high web page ranking by Google and other search engines to warrant a bigger market share of web traffic and potential leads for the business. This SEO marketing tool is ideal to conduct intensive website auditing for tracking the performance of the brand and business on the Internet while spying out competitors’ online marketing campaigns to stay abreast with intensified competition in the market.

5) Traffic Travis Software

 The Traffic Travis software is known to be a top performing SEO software package that comes as a dynamic toolkit in monitoring the website ranking and online traffic to be alert to the market trends.

This is one of the great freeware tools available in the market with a simple screen layout for an easy navigation across its pages with dynamic features that would benefit the business outcome. It is an impressive research app that comes with a professional graphic plan with a special offer of 4 prime functions which web designers could deploy in accurate and precise data collation and analysis.

The software tool is powerful in executing the right SEO features to suit the web business to secure a high site ranking while effective in keyword hunting or maximizing the deployment of PPC ads with a real time tracking that benefits business analysis and marketing decisions. Traffic Travis is free to every business owner or marketer who requires a hand in undertaking routine marketing tasks that could be time consuming without the right tools and skills.

Online webmasters who wish to check out Traffic Travis could activate the software dynamics through a simple online free registration form to enjoy this online SEO tool in compressed file form.


It is every online business owner or marketer’s dream or wish to be constantly on the top 10 ranking or first page of popular search engines’ web page listings. This could be procured by having a fully optimized website that is appealing enough to attract targeted audience in boosting the brand and business sales.

A high traffic volume could ensure a high sales conversion rate that would lead to higher profits for better bottom lines. However, not every business owner or marketer is capable of deploying the best of SEO tools to ensure a dynamic website for a top SERP all the time unless professional assistance is rendered.

An established and reputed SEO company in the market could be hired for website optimization, whether on a startup business or advanced SEO features for a well established business site as market competition increases.

Interacting on Google+ Hangouts

Interacting on Google+ Hangouts is the main reason many people use the program. Interacting can be done in different ways. You can talk live on video or chat in the chat panel. You can share documents and other videos as well. Besides being invited, finding Hangouts to join can be done in different ways.

Talking Live
Once you begin broadcasting your Hangout appears in your stream. You want people to link to the post that has the Hangout so they can post comments, give their feedback and basically have everyone in the same location.

Now it’s time to start talking. Whether you are using the hangout for business or just for fun, you should tone your style to the type of hangout it is. A business hangout is going to be a bit more formal than a personal one.

Make sure your webcam and microphone are connected correctly. Do some prep work before the hangout so you know what you are going to be talking about. It’s fine to have some notes but keep it natural.

When you don’t know the people you are hanging out with, begin by saying hello to the group. Let them know you’ve joined them in the room. Don’t forget to unmute your microphone by clicking the mic button in the corner of the window.

Let everyone know where you’re from or the type of business you are from. Often this is the second question you get asked when you’re in a Hangout since people love to connect with others from around the world.

Take a few minutes to listen to what everyone is chatting about and then participate in the conversation.
The bottom pane on your Hangout window shows those who are connected to your Hangout. On the right pane you see the text chat window.

Using the Chat
In the Hangout chat you can talk to your fellow Hangouters through text messages complete with emojis, through video chat or with photos.
Texts will scroll into the pane in real time. Google Hangouts keeps an archive of each of your conversations so you can continue to have conversations for a long time.

Text chat is easy to use. It’s basically the same as text messaging on your smartphone. Simply type in what you want to say and hit enter. The text chat is located on the right side. If you don’t see it you can access it by clicking on the chat button on the left pane of your hangout window. In the text chat pane you can type in questions, chat with other members and share content.

You on camera video conversations can be with up to 10 people. A person talking on video chat shows up on the screen while the others in the call are shown in the boxes along the bottom of the window until they are speaking.

Try to take turns talking in an orderly way. Otherwise it gets a little jumbled sounding to the rest of the viewers. The quality of the call will vary due each person’s internet connection.
The history for each chat is on by default in hangouts. It can be turned off by the user left on for each individual chat. However, if history is off it isn’t stored for future access.

Free download of Google+ Hangouts Report

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Google is well known for its proactive approach towards new technologies and advanced features that would set the stage in the marketplace. Businesses today are turning to this dynamic and popular search engine for market trends and directions; and Google does not disappoint with new tools and solutions such as Google AdWords.

Google AdWords Management

Every modern business today requires the right tools to move forward in the market which is increasingly competitive. Google AdWords bring great relief and delight to struggling businesses, big or small, in turning around their lackluster market presence through cost effective marketing campaigns. The apt application of Google AdWords could boost the market presence and bottom line of the business in any industry, but this would require a proper management of the Google app.

Some capital may be required to activate Google AdWords effectively, but it should be a worthwhile investment with high returns, especially when an experienced AdWords manager is in control. Business owners may be too preoccupied with other aspects of the business such as product development and customer services to spend enough time on a well designed and monitored marketing plan. Success for a business in the market comes from a diligent execution of dynamic marketing strategies that would attract targeted niche markets which would boost business bottom lines. Such would be the target of Google AdWords campaigns regardless of industry and business type or size.

Success or Failure

It is possible to succeed or fail with Google AdWords, depending on the manager. Good knowledge and strong application skills on this dynamic marketing tool are crucial to the success of an AdWord based marketing campaign; otherwise, failure results with a high cost of capital.

Not every AdWords marketing campaign would be successful if AdWords is not understood properly to be applied in the business.  Google AdWords managers must be clear on this tool’s features, business marketing budget and goals to plan an efficient and effective AdWords marketing campaign. A successful AdWords campaign must be built on identified and pressing business needs that would measure the results effectively for a continuous improvement of the campaign for better outcomes.

A Google AdWords marketing campaign would be successful if it works to bring in new leads for more potential sales and higher bottom lines. Failure comes when businesses are shallow in their understanding of the potentials of Google AdWords for a dynamic marketing campaign. There is a myriad of features and tools which are appropriate for a successful AdWords campaign that would improve the clickthrough rate to generate higher ROIs.

Desired Features in Google AdWords Marketing

One of the many dynamic features of Google AdWords to ensure a successful online marketing campaign is its usability. This tool is applicable to any type of business in a spectrum of industry to gain high returns in a short period of time when deployed correctly by skilled marketers and managers of AdWords. It is a high quality marketing tool that produces consistent big results through its PPC advertising component. Online Google ads are creatively designed using powerful keywords or phrases that would capture the attention of the market easily.

Another great Google AdWords feature is the low deposits permitted to activate its marketing process effectively. The low capital allows small and new businesses to get on-board Google AdWords for a smaller scale, but a dynamic marketing strategy that would still bring in profits to grow the business slowly but surely. No payment is expected until a potential lead clicks through the displayed online Google advert. Hence, a small deposit could generate sufficient traffic as potential leads to boost the business along its path of operation to impact the market bit by bit.

Google AdWords features tools which enable a better control on the scheduling and costing of an ad campaign for a wider market presence. Advertisers are also rewarded by Google for a strong click-through rate with a cost cut that offers greater savings.

Although Google text ads are short, there is a great impact if advertisers are skilled in one-line title and two-line content, text which is the trademark of Google AdWords online ads. Rich keywords must be used with strong punch lines that would trigger a higher clickthrough rate to enjoy more traffic and sales are a must in an effective Google AdWords advert.

Maximizing Google AdWords Campaign

A dynamic Google AdWords marketing campaign includes a strong management of the tool to be effective and efficient. The Google AdWords manager needs to be skilled in bidding on rates that would promote the business as Google AdWords bidding rates vary constantly with the best lowest rates winning the bid. Good bidding skills must be developed over time through trial and experience with a constant alertness on market trends and consumer demands.

Google AdWords managers must be creative in developing eye-catching AdWords ads that would attract more traffic to the business landing page that displays the most important product or service features that are unique and relevant to consumers. This would compel viewers to incline towards the business offering.

Many online consumers love a good deal with high savings especially freebies. However, Google ads are displayed to attract paying customers who understand and appreciate the value of the business brand, products and services regardless of the price for high quality offerings from the brand. Hence, the well displayed online Google ad would attract the right consumers instead of freeloaders.


A successful Google AdWords marketing campaign stems from a well managed campaign that is developed to fit the business needs of that season. Great Google AdWords features could be manipulated by the manager to bring about a successful marketing campaign that reaps high profits and expands business market visibility easily.

Time and effort would be required to excel in Google AdWords management for more success to be enjoyed when applied in any AdWords marketing campaign.  Professional Google AdWorks managers are readily available for hire in the market to help business owners move their business forward quickly in the midst of a competitive market.